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"Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." – Billy Baldwin


When it comes to interior design, there are different styles you can incorporate into your home. Of course, your chosen lighting fixtures should match the interior design style you are aiming for.


We have a collection of lighting fixtures to cater to every possible style that you can think of. We all have our own preferences and here at Home Cartel, we are more than happy to tell you what your personality is based on the collection that you like.


Boho chic 

If you dig our Boho Chic collection, there is a huge chance that you are a free spirit who has the taste for all things vintage. It is proof that you are into the arts and love traveling that you are into the arts and loves traveling. There is also a chance that you’re a hipster who does not prefer the mainstream.

Cinque Terre | Boho Rattan Soliya Mobile Chandelier


Canggu | Boho Natural Lamp



Light, bright and airy – this collection. Shows your love for natural lights, outdoor vibes and penchant for the beach. You’re a casual person who is totally chill about almost everything.

Ingram | Modern LED Glass Chandelier


Aaren | Gold x Marble Base Table Lamp



As a fan of the farmhouse interior design, one can say that you are a caring and humble person. As a down-to-earth person, you exactly resemble the traits of a Western farm; cozy, simple, and welcoming. You also love outdoor activities.



You don’t have to be that serious, you know? As a junkie for our industrial collection, you value efficiency and function the most. Just like the Farmhouse design lover, you are not flashy; The difference is that you have a unique eye for artistic details.

Loc Maine L | Modern Chandelier


Bowery | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base


Luxxe Classic and Modern

You have a fine and sophisticated taste. As an enthusiast for the Luxxe Classic or Luxxe modern look, we can see that you want the finest things in life. And because of this desire, you work hard for what you want. Your style is just one of the fruits of your labor.

Selby Deux | Luxe Crystal Chandelier


Heimdall Modern Cluster Chandelier



You’re mostly a millennial. As a minimalist, you are very organized and would only want to keep the most important of things. You might even treat people this way to the point where you don’t have many friends but if ever you make one, they've bonded with you for life.


Stormi | Modern LED Chandelier


Lin Deux | Minimalist LED Floor Lamp



You are a very open person. You are not afraid to show the world who you are and how you feel. This style makes use of architectural lines and open spaces which reflects your personality of living life on the edge.


Idun Modern Cluster Chandelier


Mimir Modern Cluster Chandelier


Retro Chic 

Just like the Boho Chic, there is a chance that you don’t prefer the mainstream. However, you’re not artsy like the Boho Chic. Aesthetics is your main design purpose and you achieve it by making your house like a 70s movie set.


Calytrix | Modern Glass Pendant Light


Thilly | Frosted Ball Chandelier



This style that emerged in Northern Europe says that you are simple, but don’t want to sacrifice style. Scandinavian style is timeless, and this shows that you like things to stay the way they are once you see them as something perfect.


Hermes | Leather Belted LED Pendant Light


Venna | Modern Chandelier


Whatever the style, the most important aspect here is for you to vividly express yourself. Your home is your safe space and you should do everything to make it comfortable for you. And if you need the best lighting fixtures for your home, you can go to Home Cartel.


A well-lit home is a home where productivity is boosted, moments with family are made extra special and where comfort is found. Shop safely at home and just visit our website,


When lighting your home, there’s no better place to go to than Home Cartel!

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