YELLOW RIBBON SALE! August 20-27, 2018

Yellow ribbon sale

Nola 4 - Home Cartel ®
Nola 4
Regular price ₱16,800.00 ₱15,880.00 Sale
Vanja 5 Gold - Home Cartel ®
Vanja 5 Gold
Regular price ₱18,500.00 ₱17,280.00 Sale
Mikka 01 - Home Cartel ®
Mikka 01
Regular price ₱2,600.00 ₱2,190.00 Sale
Vita 6 Gold - Home Cartel ®
Vita 6 Gold
Regular price ₱18,500.00 ₱17,280.00 Sale



Free delivery & Installation within Metro Manila to provide you with the best online shopping convenience.


Get the opportunity to pay for the item/s you have ordered only when it gets delivered.


No retail overheads like rental and renovations to bring you the most direct prices from the factory.

Share your experiences with us!

Pleasant purchase experience

Kat was very helpful, great customer service skill! we had a very pleasant purchase experience.

LC, Boceto Builders

Free delivery and installation

Among all lighting companies that I have checked, ONLY home cartel offers free installation and delivery with affordable prices. definitely a bang for your buck :)

Kathrina H., KH Design Studio

Consistent product quality and services

They always deliver consistent product quality and customer service that's why we always use home cartel for our lighting needs!

Juliet C., CEO, Serenitea Milktea

COD payment system

Say goodbye to the hassle of depositing money in the bank before purchasing an item online, home cartel's COD payment system takes customer convenience to another level! Woooot!

Paola T., Technika Builders


I love that they do free delivery & installation, and even made some recommendations on what looks best in my newly turned over unit!

Mark Paul Cabral, BGC

Just in time for my christmas party!

They delivered and installed my new chandelier just in time for my Christmas party at home! The look of my guests' eyes when they saw my new chandelier was priceless! Bida nanaman ako! Mwahaha!

Abigail G., Home Owner, Shaw

Highly addictive!

I just received my 5th item from Home Cartel and I love it! It's very convenient for me because I live outside Manila and the designs are limited in our malls/ stores. Thank you for helping me build my dream home!

Jenny Gomez, Home Owner, CDO

Exceeded expectation

Speedy delivery, Gilbert the installer even washed our dishes while waiting for us haha!

Patricia M., Home Owner, San Juan

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