“Don’t imitate, but introduce new ideas”, this creative, energetic, and innovative designer lives up to this value. He always gives a creative approach to his designs in order to adapt to changes - no wonder why his works are always extraordinary and unique! This busy man always put his 101% into everything he designs. We asked him about his favorite TV show and he replied, "Honestly we haven’t had a TV set in our house for more than a decade now. But if we had one, I’d watch Dream Home Makeover by Shea and Syd McGee. I get a plethora of ideas from their other shows." Even in simple everyday activities, he still wants to explore the world of designing - a dedicated man, indeed! That is why we are amazed by the level of commitment he shows to the field.

His dream of becoming an Interior Designer started at a very tender age. In his school projects, he was deliberate in his choice of color combinations and was always fascinated by the various textures, shapes, and forms of nature. Over the years it kept evolving. He started to appreciate the minimalist style many years ago when he was working in a hotel—his boss introduced him to the style of Cynthia and Ivy Almario (Atelier Almario), Kelly Hoppen, and Daniel Ost. At present, he is inspired by the luxurious and opulent style of Kelly Wearlsler, Marcell Wonder, and Ammar Basheir.


Despite the success Garry has right now, he never fails to be grounded. He believes that God is the greatest designer of all time because He is the creator and we are all imitators. He believes that he can’t live without beauty, because he needs to surround himself with it to live an inspired life.

Garry’s personal style is eclectic— he likes mixing metals, wood, and stone from different periods. The use of mirrors is his go-to in styling: they double small spaces and reflect light. Another style essential is wall art from @eltaganas—he uses it as a focal point and draws inspiration from it for the colors in any space. And of course, he uses lighting from Home Cartel—just as jewelry can be the finishing touch to a woman’s dress, the right lighting can accentuate any room. We asked him about his favorite Home Cartel experience, he replied, “Since I go to Home Cartel’s HQ with different clients, each experience is unique and thrilling. Their new service of conducting product demos is like walking the extra mile for the client—it gives the latter a better visual of what will suit their space and helps them to make the best choice in lighting.”

Here are some of his works:

DETAILS: Condo Styling 
STYLE: Eclectic, Modern, Hollywood Glam

DETAILS: Casa Rivera Home Styling

STYLE: Eclectic. Modern. Hollywood Glam


DETAILS: Home Styling

Eclectic, Hollywood Glam



DETAILS: Condo Styling

STYLE: Minimalist, Industrial, Scandinavian



DETAILS: La Maison D' Aquino Home Styling

Mediterranean, Traditional

Here's his advice to all aspiring interior designers and architects, "Educate your eyes, re-invent, and look for diamonds in the rough. Remember: everything has been done before and will be done again. Nothing is new, but we have the freedom to re-create things and put our spin and stamp on it."

For interested clients, you can reach him on Instagram: @garryzari, Facebook: House and Wedding, or thru mobile: 09178714461

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