Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas with Home Cartel

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important — fun, food and life.” - Daniel Boulud


It's no surprise that kitchens are referred to as the "heart of the home" because they bring families closer together. Aside from eating at one table, cooking with your family or friends is also a way of building connections inside your home. Cooking is undeniably a manifestation of love, so share it with your family at home!  These are best experienced with a good ambiance while creating priceless memories.


Why not upgrade your kitchen with these modern lighting solutions from Home Cartel?


Pendant Lights


Ceiling or wall fixtures are some of the lights from previous year’s trends that still give off some satisfaction vibes today. However, adding pendant lights to your kitchen this year will not only add an aesthetic appeal to your space but also serve as a source of luminance. Pendant lights hang lower from the ceiling, providing more direct lighting for your workspace. It is ideal for putting a pointer on a counter or table. It is a perfect idea if you have a high ceiling.


Hudson | Pendant Light with Wooden Detail


Osma | Modern Glass LED Pendant Light


Layered Lighting


Having a single light in a room is outdated, and it will give you a monotonous atmosphere. These days, you'll notice multiple lighting ideas in a single space. Having layered pendant lights serve specific roles in your kitchen. These are also known as "task lights" since they use high-intensity LEDs to provide light to dark areas to prepare your meal fast.


Rayne | Brass Chandelier


Metallic Lights


Gold, silver, and bronze emit a warm light that lends splendor and warmth to any area. These lights would look great next to a wooden table, cabinet, or metallic sink. Each lighting fixture in your home has a significant impact on a particular area, so make sure they're all in sync. Consider the aesthetic of steel lamps for a cooler and cleaner vibe.


Ivar | Metallic Pendant Light


Elsa | Adjustable Brass Pendant Light


Smaller Sink Pendant Lights


The kitchen island isn't the only one getting an upgrade this 2022. Sinks are gradually attracting the attention of designers these days. They suggest adding different kinds of small pendants into your sink. Given your kitchen's primary lighting, you may want to consider adding some direct lighting when doing the dishes. These will give your kitchen lights additional depth.

Lacrima | Modern Belted Glass Pendant Light


Layla 2 | Smoked Glass Pendant Light

Ambient Lights


Ambient lighting will undoubtedly provide an entire peaceful ambiance. It is ideal for an area where you'll be doing a lot of work, such as the kitchen. Consider using a mix of pendant lights, flush mounts, and track lights. These lights will give off some calm and warm vibe combination. These lights will emit a soothing and welcoming atmosphere.


Asva 4 Heads | Brass Track Light


Eira 8 Staggered Glass | Chandelier


The kitchen is the part of a house where fun and memories are made. Believe it or not, having a stunning kitchen will encourage your friends to spend more time helping or watching you cook rather than watching a movie in the living room.


Allow our lighting fixtures to spice up your kitchen, create more exciting cooking experiences, and make kitchen work more comfortable. We have an array of lighting fixtures especially curated for your lighting desires. Just go to our website,, and shop online!


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