Chandeliers: More than just a Lighting Fixture

Hey there Home Buddies! Are you one of those who aspire to have your own chic and stylish home? Then you are on the right page.

As we stay longer in our homes, we can’t help but wonder, how can you improve the design of our space? Should you buy a new couch? Should you purchase a new light? Should you repaint the walls? No matter what you do or choose, one way of improving your home is by having the appropriate lighting fixtures.

One great source of light to your space aside from natural light is by hanging a chandelier. Chandelier has always been a symbol of class, opulence, and elegance. Event halls, hotels, mansions, ballrooms even shopping centers use chandeliers for lighting and beauty. Homeowners also utilize chandeliers to bring luminance and style to their space.

  • Chandeliers are simply attractive even when the lights are off
  • They are great space-savers
  • Provides a warm atmosphere;
  • Comes in various designs and shapes

Now, how do you choose the right chandelier for your home? Before you get to decide which chandelier you should purchase, let Home Cartel give you an idea of the different styles you can try for your space.

Find every bit of your desired look for your space in our collections.

  • Luxxe Classic Collection

This collection is simply luxurious in any way. Expect spectacular lavishness through these lighting fixture styles. Indeed lights under Luxxe Classic Collection are like statement pieces that can make people stare in awe.

Solveig Deux | Modern LED Crystal Chandelier

Rivia Deux | Modern Luxe Crystal Chandelier

Soeren 80 |  Luxe Smoked Glass Chandelier with Brass Detail

Selby Trois | Luxe Crystal Chandelier


  • Luxxe Modern Collection

Lights under this collection are a combination of modern pieces and luxurious textures and fine details. Its elegance and extravagant finishing can instantly transform a space into a million-dollar hotel experience. (view collection)

Interstellar 6 | Titanium Gold Modern LED Ring Chandelier

Valhalla 12 | Modern LED Chandelier

Hera Trio | Modern LED Chandelier with Crystal Details


  • Modern Collection

Simple, uncluttered with clean lines and a lack of fussy adornments- these are some words that best describe a Modern Style lighting fixtures. Lights under this collection are on-trend and unique that will fit your modern lifestyle. (view collection)

Frigg | Modern Steel Chandelier with Crystal Details

Uppsala | Modern Chandelier

Venna | Modern Chandelier


  • Minimalist Collection

Simplicity is the strength of this collection. Basic but in the most artistic and glamorous way. Lighting fixtures under Minimalist Collection have simple shapes, clean lines and dramatic angles. This collection proves that sometimes, the purest and simplest forms can still make a statement.

Eros | Modern LED Chandelier

Carianne 8 | Modern Chandelier

Ares C6 | Modern Chandelier

Hove | Modern LED Chandelier


  • Retro Chic Collection

Vintage is brought back to life through this collection. Lighting pieces under this collection can gracefully adapt to both old school and ultramodern styles. Retro Chic is the perfect blend of classic and modern design.

Iris Trois B | Glass Sphere with Gold Details Clustered Chandelier

Reidun | Modern retro Chandelier

Frida | Modern Chandelier with Glass Orbs


Now that you get to know more about some of the interior design styles and got ideas of what to purchase, it’s time to get more inspiration from these interior collaborations designed by our clients.

(Modern Collection)
Image from: Hoola Design
(Luxxe Modern Collection)
Image from: Al Ai Ja Interiors
(Minimalist Collection)
Image from: Moss Design House

Chandeliers are more than just lighting fixtures. The versatility of chandelier lighting has allowed it to go beyond lighting formal space and to serve not only as an impressive visual centerpiece, but also act as the major light source in most areas.

Explore more from our chandelier collection at and expect nothing but the best and stylish pieces that is perfect for your space.

Let these chandeliers labored with love fill your home with warmth and light. Shop now!

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