Shop By Design.

At Home Cartel, we understand that too many choices can be overwhelming. We thought of a fix to this dilemma by handpicking each item that is tastefully designed and grouped them to fit your preference. It’s as simple as shopping by design.

 Collections Curated for Your Preference.

When it comes to style - to each her own. And as a way of personal expression, it’s almost impossible to find someone with identical taste. Much more for home improvements. How many of these really resonates to your style? We go to a lights store only to be overwhelmed by choices that most of the time misses our personally style mark. This is where Home Cartel steps into the light – we curated collections, each carefully handpicked for different styles and preferences so you can just enjoy shopping without the pre-conditioned headache because we believe it’s about time you see lighting fixture shopping in a different light.


Home Cartel is a curator of lighting fixtures and home improvements. The company was founded with the idea that the city traffic will get more congested in the next 10 years - that means we will spend a huge amount of time traveling from places to places. Home Cartel provides a solution to that problem by creating an online store where customers can shop with ease and convenience. With an online store, Home Cartel saves cost from retail overhead to provide the best customer service and fair prices.