Bring the Summer Vibes In

Summer is just around the corner! And what better way to spend it than by going to the beach, having a nice dip in the pool, or taking a hike within the mountains. However, due to the pandemic, having these activities may not be as feasible. But just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer anymore! There are a lot of fun things that you could do! Don’t limit yourself, enjoy and have fun inside your home!

Here are some things that you could do this summer:

  • Start DIY-ing.
    • Create your ice cream recipe
    • Create beaded accessories
    • Try knitting
  • Make your own refreshment. Concoct your favorite drink at home
  • Plant. Time to channel your inner “plantito” and “plantita” self.
  • Camp out in your backyard. Set-up your glamping.
  • Watch an entire season of a new Netflix series, or a new Anime or K-Drama! Why not all?
  • Go for a morning walk around your block. Don’t forget to wear your mask and face shield.
  • Give your space a makeover!

If you are planning on doing the last option from the list above, then this article is good for you.

This summer, it’s time to upgrade your home lights. Try something new and look for something better than what you have. Check these lights and some tips from Home Cartel.

Tip No. 1: Know what your room needs.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lights are perfect for ambient or general lighting. Their ability to be suspended in different areas makes it great for this type of lighting function. Chandeliers and Pendant Lights also can capture the soft curves of your face and gives a romantic ambiance to your space.

Solveig Deux | Modern LED Crystal Chandelier

Hera Trio | Modern LED Chandelier with Crystal Details

Geirstein | Modern Pendant Light

Carina | Modern LED Pendant Light 

On the other hand, Floor Lamps and Table Lamps are good for task lighting. Task Lights are like the second layer of your home lighting. Since it gives your space an added luminance, it will be perfect near a couch or your reading nook.

Signy | Modern Shade with Marble Base Floor Lamp

Synnove | Glass Sphere with Marble Base Floor Lamp

Oddrun | Marble Base Table Lamp

Adding decorative accent lights can also highlight your living room decor and furniture! 

Tip No. 2: Less is more.

You don’t need to overdo your lighting. Install lights that are useful and stylish enough for your kitchen and dining area.

You can combine white and gold colors for a modern and fresh look. You can also mix clean lines and black accent colors if you wish to have an industrial-looking lighting space. Home Cartel offers various lighting fixtures that will fit any style that you want for your space. Just like these lights!

Waverly | Mobile Chandelier

Sigrun | Chandelier

Hagar Black | Mid-Century Chandelier

Olov | Farmhouse Classic Chandelier

Tip No.3: Consider the size of your space.

Knowing the size of your space is also essential in choosing the right lighting fixture. Having a tall floor lamp in a low ceiling can make your space look out of proportion while having a short lamp with a lot of overhead space can make your light standout but for the wrong reasons. Balance and proportion are the key!

Tonje | Glass Sphere with Marble Base Floor Lamp


Lisana | Luxe Table Lamp

You can also install some wall lamps to accentuate the spaces where your general lighting can’t reach it properly. Having a ceiling light around the corners can also improve the general ambiance of your room.

Asva 4 Heads | Brass Track Light

Thurid | Modern Lamp

Tip No.4: Ask an expert.

If you’re not sure whether you should hang a chandelier or pendant light, or what floor lamp and table lamp would fit in your space, don’t hesitate to ask an expert! Home Cartel offers free consultations. We have licensed interior designers to assist you! Just send us a message!

This summer, maximize your stay inside your home. Have a fun summer stay-cation when you have your home refurbished and transformed!


So, what are you waiting for? Check out our wonderful collection of lights that will surely make a striking statement. After all, Home Cartel Lighting Fixtures is here to bring the summer vibes inside your home! For other home furnishing needs, you may also go to Home 22.


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