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"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen" – Coach John Wooden.

If refurbishing your home is your next big project, then you should read this article.

When you plan for a new interior project, you should never forget to list down the things needed and what you want to achieve in your space. Not only do you need to consider the budget, timeframe, and delivery of your purchase, but you also need to consider the elements of lighting that will make the project whole.

Ensure that you have quality home decors and lighting fixtures available, which work for your space are a big part of your home project. When it comes to lighting, you might think that hanging a pendant light or chandelier is enough or simply placing a bulb under the ceiling will suffice, but those are not always the case.

Often, we tend to forget the small things or considerations in choosing your home décor and lighting fixtures because we are so focused on the bigger things. Little did we know, a simple wall sconce, or a table and floor lamp, even mirrors when added to your space, can make a huge difference.

If you're having a hard time deciding for your home’s next statement pieces, here are some tips for you. Keep on reading we might have everything you needed.

Table Lamps

When selecting a bedside table lamp for your bedroom, search for one that combines a soothing light with a design that you like.

If you’re aiming for a chic yet minimalist interior, Lin Modern LED Table Lamp will be good for you.

For an industrial-looking lamp, you should go for Carnegie Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base.

And if you’re aiming for a luxe classic style, you might want Klara Luxe Table Lamp.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are your best bet if you want a simple, versatile lighting décor. Place it beside a chair, sofa, or bed and choose the one that provides soft, overhead lighting for your reading needs.


Take a look at some of our stylish floor lamps, we have a variety of options to choose from.

Synnove | Glass Sphere with Marble Base Floor Lamp

Tonje | Glass Sphere with Marble Base Floor Lamp

Halsten | Modern Floor Lamp

Wall Sconce

Don’t let your walls drag your space down, illuminate them and give them a new purpose. Look for sconces that complement and enhance other elements in the room without being too literal with your design theme. You can change it up a bit for a more edgy-looking wall.


Here are some of our suggestions for you:


Brooklyn | Wall Sconce for a modern and contemporary look


 Edda Deux | Modern Wall Sconce exudes retro chic vibes


And, Carina | Modern LED Wall Sconce for that classy and luxuries feel




Let us not forget mirrors. Aside from reflecting our images, it also reflects light which helps add more brightness to your space.

Imagine having these mirrors on your wall. They are not just a good wall accent but good for mirror selfies too.

Ceres | Mirror with Stand and Marble Base

Stockholm Mirror Large | 150cm x 50cm

Malmo Mirror Brass | 50cm x 75cm


Do not forget that it is not also enough that your home is well lit, it must also have the right home décor pieces.

Simple color schemes, warm tomes, and strong patterns can create a tranquil environment, snug and inviting home, or a bright and energetic gathering place.

A stylish rack saves space at the same time, create a unique way of arranging your clothes

Eachna | Clothes Rack with Marble Base

Aine | Metal Clothes Rack with Marble Base

Organize your stuff without compromising too much space by having metal shelves. Store your things in the most sleek way possible.

Bo 96cm | Scandinavian Folded Metal Shelf

Bo 63cm | Scandinavian Folded Metal Shelf

A home will not be complete without tables. Tables are multi-purpose home pieces that you can use for storage and base for your lamps. Choose your fashion forward bedside tables from our collection.

Alegra | | Brass Side Table with Terrazo Base

Uffizi | Brass Side Table with Black Marble Base

Home décors are significant pieces because it has an impact on our self-esteem, confidence, and productivity.

So, if a new lighting fixture, home decor or piece of art makes you happy, go ahead and get it. You're not just treating yourself; but rather you're creating an atmosphere in which you can be your best self!

Home Cartel is always ready to help you improve your home. You don’t have to step out of your homes to shop, just go to homecartel.net. You’ll see an array of lighting fixtures and home décor that can create a huge difference on your space.

Shop safely at Home Cartel.

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