We Collected the Best Ideas for a Well-Lit Summer

Even in summertime when the day hours are long, and for a sunny country lie the Philippines, lighting is still an imperative feature of interior design. Naturally, different types of lighting create different types of atmospheres. And the key to decorating with lighting is that your fixture doesn’t have to be on to shine, so remember this when you’re next shopping for a lighting fixture.


So we took the liberty of collecting at least three points of lighting in any room are needed to create a summer ambience:


For a cool touch:

Glass pendant lamps play with the light and giving the room an open, airy feel, much like a Scandinavian lighting. Particularly when the glass has a blue, green or pink tinge, glass emits a slight coolness – and is thus perfect for naturally light-flooded rooms and warms months. A hint of metallic gives the lighting a designer edge, and works perfectly to create a statement. See Coastal Collection


Alesund Glass Pendant Light Series gives that airy and cool vibe.


For warm highlights:

Delicate, more intricate lighting fixtures create a different kind of statement. Lamps made from natural materials like wood are light yet warm, ideal for summer months and perfect for the bedroom and dining areas. The charming look of wood lamps helps to ground interiors, while the cage design of the Huck by Home Cartel breaks the light and casts interesting forms around the room. 


Get the look! Huck Cage Pendant Lights for warm highlighting.


For creating a summer atmosphere:

Table and floor lamps are also effective in creating your desired atmosphere. A focused spotlight can be both practical and decorative, providing optimal reading conditions as well as emphasizing different corners of the room for a positive effect and sense of space. If it doubles as a stylish decorative feature in your home, too. Check out these table and floor lamps 


Maegan Floor Lamp can also be perfect for summer.


Sunlight is cute, but a well-lit home this summer is much adorbs. Check out homecartel.net for more tips and tricks to achieving your perfect decorative lighting for the summer!

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