Check Out These Collections for the Perfect Summer Lighting!

Sun’s out! Raise your hand and say I, if you believe us when we say that we’ve found lighting pieces that double as dupes to the sunlight. Yes, you read that right because this Summer, Home Cartel is making things brighter by giving you suggestions on what lights would add flair to your space.


What’s sun without fun? Something to remind you of the carefree vacation season: Branching Bubbles. Featuring pieces that are equal parts fun and stylish but not a design overkill. Bubble lights have become the trend in terms of decorative lighting over the past year, and rightfully should stay this summer.

Fun summer nights with Vanja 7 B Gold.


Beach vibes, eh? Breathe in the coast’s breezy air inside your home with pieces from our Coastal collection. Pieces are a mix of warm lights that perfect representation of the sunny season, and blue highlights that compliments the overall vibe. 

 Coastal representation with Alesund Glass Pendant Light Series.


This one might come as a surprise, but yes Concrete Seduction makes it to our suggested summer collection. Its raw and neutral tones compliment any colorful decoration of your space. Got vibrant-colored furniture? These minimalist lighting perfectly flatter them.

Something to compliment your summer decors? Trust Colton Fiberglass to get the job done.


Get that Scandinavian look! The easy combination of simplicity and functionality that’s the quintessential summer ideal. These internationally recognized style of modern lighting has gained a strong following for its elegantly simple aesthetic, reminds you of easy sunny days, right?

Get this look with Tove White


Why get one when you can get a bundle? Tango Collection offers you pieces that are bundled up thematically. Choose among designs that are all modern, minimalist, stylish and sophisticated, talk about anything under the sun ;)

 The sun, sand and surf philosophy as represented by Sofia Amber Glass Pendant Lights.


The sunny Philippines in its most glorious season – display the fiesta, sun, sand and surf philosophy by starting at the comforts of your home. Check out for more collections that go beyond a season.

*Featured light on cover is Napa 12 Black Chandelier from Coastal Collection.


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