GOOD NEWS: Home Cartel Just Made Shopping Easier by Launching New Curated Collections

This March, Home Cartel is officially making online shopping easier by launching collections curated to your preference. Each collection is categorized based on popular interior concepts and styles. So, whether you’re opting for Scandinavian lighting, Minimalist, Modern or any other style of decorative lighting, you’re definitely in for a major treat. Handpicked by iDr. Pamela Tan, the brain behind Home Cartel, each collection is designed to communicate various aesthetics to suit your need.

Here’s a peak into our exclusive curated collections:  

When it comes to classic styling, we trust Ms. Winehouse’s philosophy of going back to black. Basic but nothing short of sophistication. This collection features the beauty of monochromatic simplicity, featuring lighting pieces that are flexible and fits to wherever you want it.

    What’s playful and stylish at the same time? Hint: It’s bright and bubbly! For those who want to add some fun to their living rooms or any space you want fun included, without compromising taste, check out this collection for a fresh kind of treat.

    The big city life calls for big city lights. Well, just big enough for the home of the urban creative, hip, and forward-thinking people. Browse through this collection of modern and sleek pieces perfect for the city kid.


    Add a little metallic finish anywhere with numbers that scream high-shine. Featuring lighting fixtures covered with lacquered metal for a futuristic touch.

    Cozy pieces that spells s-t-ay-c-a-t-i-o-n. It’s #JOMO all over again. Why drive to the beach when you can have that coastal perfection inside the corners of your home? With pieces that captures the ocean hues, you might just want to just stay inside.

    Whoever said concrete is plain must not have had concrete lighting pieces to decorate their homes with. Think modern and raw, but make it more aesthetic – this is the major concept for the Concrete Seduction collection. Because some pieces are more groundbreaking when in simplest form. 

    Add something to your home that pops like a rosé. See life in rosy retrospection with the Copper/Rose Gold Collection. It’s the tasteful fusion of copper and rose gold that adds accent to any space. It’s the subtle chic that calls attention.

    Check out the Gold Rush Collection page and find the El Dorado, lights version. Seek and you shall find opulence in its golden form. Also perfect as a focal highlight. 

    Hey there, bubbly! So, you want fresh pieces that are out of the box? You might wanna check out this collection that’s equal parts playful and tasteful. And yes, these pieces also look good anywhere!

    This time, luxury is revived in the form of a lighting fixture. Think of all the spectacular lavishness - Crazy Rich Asian style. Accessorize with jewelry for your body and statement lighting pieces for your home, fair enough?

    You don’t need to go to Manhattan to take a bite of the Big Apple. Channel that Carrie Bradshaw-Manhattan living with chic pieces that turns on your bright ideas.

    Basic rule of thumb in lighting – choose pieces with lasting style. And sometimes, the bare minimum lasts longer. Pieces in this collection shows versatility (it means it looks perfect on almost any space) with easy elegance.

    Featuring the beauty of an edgy yet cohesive look of the modern industrial style. Perfect for the practical and creative junkie who delights in the textural interplay of the raw and the refined.

    Infuse your space with moonlight scattered across your walls with glowing and dreamy pieces perfect for the dreamers. These pieces are like having the moon light up your night - minimal and modern style.

    Is there anything to dislike about the Nordic design? Clean lines, chic minimalism and that airy feel – we know you love it too! Bring that Scandinavian feel to your interiors by grabbing pieces from our New Nordic Collection.

    Welcome to the New Age! For the love of cutting-edge elements, we grouped in pieces that transcends the particular niche of modern living.  

    Your favorite collection is here to stay! Because vintage is making a comeback, but this time it’s chicer than ever. For pieces that adapt to both old school and ultramodern, check out our Retro Chic collection.

    Remember when you were young and wanted to be an astronaut? Well, you don’t need to call NASA to experience that stellar expedition. The journey starts at your home. For the love of the celestials, here’s the ultimate collection for you.
    They say it takes two to tango. But it’s 2019 and we are into group effort. Featuring pieces that jives well with each other, the Tango Collection is the perfect option for those who like accessorizing in bundles that sure adds more flair. Because we take it seriously when they say, “the more, the merrier!”

    This one’s for the love of white, and all things simple. The classic touch that never goes out of style. Pure in form, and lasting in impact. Check out the White Out Collection.



    A free country like the Philippines is constantly bombarded with too many choices and countless opinions. We understand how confusing it gets when it comes to shopping. That’s why we thought of the solution of curating collections for your taste. Experience the Home Cartel difference, shop from our collections and get rid of the problematic ways of online shopping! Happy scrolling!


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