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It’s officially the rainy season in the Philippines which means rain is expected any minute of any day. For some of us, the rainy season may impact our mood; you may feel down and tired from time to time. Rain can restrain your outdoor plans, but just because the weather forecast announces a rain shower, that doesn’t mean you have to cancel all the fun. When it’s pouring outside, wear your favorite sweater or wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket and get cozy in your space!


Boost your serotonin and wash your blues away during gloomy weather by spending time at home! Here are some activities you can enjoy when it’s pouring outside.


- Read a book and let your imagination take you to a wonderland
- Cook your comfort food and pair it with your favorite drink
- Go glamping in your living room
- Binge watch your favorite Netflix series
- Create a Chill Playlist while you hang out in your living area


You may also take this opportunity to rearrange your home and make it the most comfortable space for you! We listed down some tips that you can try to achieve a cozy home perfect for a rainy day!


1. Surround yourself with Good Lighting

Fill your home with warm lights. It’s not going to be sunny always, so make sure that when the sun goes down or hides from thick clouds, you should create clusters of illumination where you want focal conversation points to be. Make sure you have an abundance of light in your space!


2. Have a Well-lit Reading Nook

For those who love to have a good book and a nice cup of hot choco on a rainy day, having a reading nook is paradise. Create your reading oasis with a comfortable seat, cushions,  throw pillows, and perfect lighting. Add an ambient light, natural or recessed, then layer accent lighting and finish with task lighting.


3. Make your Bedroom Comfortable

During rainy days, it’s best to stay in bed. Make yourself a bedroom that resembles a vacation retreat or a 5-star hotel room. Surround yourself with comfortable furnishings and items you love, and have some luxurious lights here and there.

Chandeliers with crystal and glass finishes provide a classic and lux ambiance.


Karlen | Modern LED Glass Chandelier


Orm | Modern Glass Chandelier
Having Floor Lamps on the side of your bed adds lumination and a warm effect.

4. Supplement Your Workspace with Task Lights


Keep your productivity going even during the lazy rainy days when you have your workspace well-lit and organized. Supplement your ambient lighting with task lights such as table lamps and floor lamps.

Trude | Modern Floor Lamp


Asmund | Amber Glass Floor Lamp


6. Hang a Mirror

Double the amount of light in your space by having mirrors on your wall. Aside from being a decorative feature in your space, it also helps to bounce the lights off reflective surfaces.

 Francois Mirror Large | 150cm x 50cm


Ilyse LED Backlit Mirror


Everyone wants to feel comfortable and good in their own space, and one way of having a feel-good home is by making sure it is well-illuminated. Make sure to have the right lights in the right places in your home. Here’s another tip for you, layer your lights by combining several lighting fixtures.


Shop for fine lighting fixtures in the comfort of your home. Just visit our website, Don’t let the rainy season ruin your fun! Get cozy in your well-lit home!

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