Determined, resourceful, and meticulous these are just few adjectives to describe this interior designer. Her love for the field manifests in her works and designs. Even her success in life, she's still grounded and humble - and that's what we love the most about her. Like anybody else, she loves watching movies and series in Netflix, and Stranger Things, Money Heist, and True Crime Docs are her favorites! When we asked her what are the things she can't live without, she answered phone and chocolates! Well, we definitely agree! She is always inspired by anything that has to do with design. Anything beautiful won’t go unnoticed. Especially when its a well-thought of design. It inspires her to do better, to think and push herself when designing.

Her dream of becoming an Interior Designer started when she was introduced to legos as a child. She have always been curious about building things and was catalyzed when she was exposed to interior design magazines. She's always drawn to anything art, design, and construction. Her husband finds it funny (when they were first dating) that she would examine anything that catches her attention. She likes knowing how things were made from nothing to its final form and she also likes knowing how things connects and its purpose.

We asked her about her favorite Home Cartel experience, she replied “When it’s demo day. Because the Kuyas are very professional and kind. And they are knowledgeable of the product. I’ve never had to exchange any items. Everything I had to demo always gets approved on site.”

There’s a lot of talented designers right now, but Cheska will never stop admiring the duo Yabu Pushelberg. Even having a designer she admired, her designs are always personal and original because her designs are client-based. She likes drawing inspiration from their needs and preferences coupled with her eye for what will work together as a whole. Here are some of here works:



Here's her advice to all aspiring interior designer and architect, "Never stop learning. Always be open to pushing yourself further than the last time but also know your boundaries. Take a break or a breather when it gets overwhelming, you can always circle back on whatever it is another day. Build a good relationship with your suppliers. They are a big factor on how your designs will come to life. And lastly, learn to accept that your initial design can and will change along the way and that having a plan B is something that is inevitable.”


For interested clients, you can reach her at: or 0998 8836058

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