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Luxury is not just a form of indulgence; it also has become a necessity. You might think of bags, jewelry, shoes, and designer items when you think of luxury, but did you know that it can also be a need through lighting fixtures?


Luxury lighting varies for different people. For some, it means:

  • Having Great Style. Art Deco, Gothic, Rococo, etc – these are certain styles that are considered luxurious. However, it doesn’t mean that minimalist, modern and simpler forms cannot feel luxurious and high-end, they just have to be done well.
  • State-of-the-Art Pieces. Fixtures that are one-of-a-kind and carefully crafted create a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity, which may result to luxury.
  • Materials/Finishes. Metal, gold embellishments, fine crystals, and glass are some finishes that give a luxurious feeling to a lighting fixture.
  • Size and Scale. For some people, luxury means having grand, oversized lighting fixtures.
  • Light and Sparkles. Luxury also comes from the quality of light the fixture produces. The sparkles from a lighting fixture give a whimsical and magical aura that extends a sense of luxury.


Good lighting is a necessity to achieve a better home. However, having light bulbs to illuminate your space is not enough. Your lighting must be in-line with your interior style, must go well with your other furniture, and must be according to what kind of lighting your space needs.


Achieving a lavish and luxurious feel in your home can be difficult. It requires a lot of planning, a lot of shopping, and a whole lot of thinking. Here at Home Cartel, we make it easier for you to search for the next luxurious light for your home.


Luxurious lighting can enhance many rooms, just like the following.


Foyer or Entryway Lighting

With larger homes, oftentimes it is in the foyer that your guests make the first impression. Your choice of lighting will serve as a sneak peek of what’s to come in the other spaces in your house. A large foyer with a high ceiling will look alive and perfect with a chandelier.

Here’s a tip for you – chose a significantly scaled pendant that draws the eye upward.




The Living Room

Adding a unique lighting fixture in your living room that looks like an art piece could be a good conversation starter. If chosen correctly, the lighting fixture will tie the room’s style altogether and create a luxurious ambiance.

As a side tip, be sure your living room’s lighting fixtures can accommodate the area’s other activities. If it’s also a place for TV watching, buy a fixture that’s dimmable.


Selby Trois | Luxe Crystal Chandelier 


Silvia | Modern LED Chandelier


Ingram | Modern LED Glass Chandelier


Dining Room

A luxurious dining room is not complete without a proper centerpiece that creates an awe-inspiring ambiance and makes a flawless statement in this room. Create a beautiful dining area that feels organic and glamorous by adding a chandelier or pendant lights.

Here’s a tip for you. Choose a lighting fixture that goes well with your table.


Messier | Modern LED Chandelier


Leonore | Modern Luxe Glass Chandelier


 Selby | Luxe Crystal Chandelier


The Bedroom

Whether it’s a ceiling fixture, table lamp, or pendant light, statement lighting lifts up the luxury factor. You might choose a fixture or lamp with a shiny finish — perhaps gold, glass, or crystals. Selecting one with a large or unusual shape can also help the room look more upscale.


Clementine | Brass Luxe Crystal Chandelier


Nevaeh Lux | Modern Wall Sconce


Elsa Deux | Glass Pendant Light


Klara | Luxe Table Lamp


Lelle | Fluted Glass Base Table Lamp


Luxury is in the eye of the beholder whether you’re using an over-the-top glamorous chandelier with sparking details, or having minimalist yet stylish lamps, ceiling lights, or pendant lights. 

Complete your luxurious home by having lighting fixtures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Home Cartel offers a wide array of lighting fixtures from chandeliers, pendant lights, table, and floor lamps, and ceiling lights to wall lamps. Just go to our website,, and shop online.

Investing in the right lighting can add a luxurious ambiance to your space. Complement your home with luxurious lighting fixtures from Home Cartel.


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