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Christmas is just around the corner! Anywhere you go, Christmas decorations can be seen. The sidewalks flicker with Christmas Lights every night. Parols are present in every home, and Christmas Trees are up, out and decorated. Despite celebrating Christmas again during the pandemic, it must not hinder you from bringing joy and love to your loved ones!


In the Philippines, Christmas falls during the rainy season; adorning your home with lights that brighten things up makes sense, even if you do not realize what they symbolize. The lights represent Jesus as the Light of the World and how he came to save humanity from darkness for Christians. And what better way to fill your home with light than having Home Cartel Lighting Fixtures?


There are only a few days left before Christmas, have you decorated your home? Have you thought of what to give your loved ones? If you’re still looking for the best gift for the Holidays, then this article could help you. Let Home Cartel help your home turn into a holiday wonderland!


Gift Guide No. 1: Table Lamps


If you have a loved one who’s a Table Lamp enthusiast, then these lighting fixtures are for you! Bold, beautiful, and unique table lamps make for great modern gifts.

Steffon | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base


Karyna | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base


Yareli | Scandi Table Lamp


Sariah | Ceramic Table Lamp with Shade


Ursuline | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base


Crosbie | Modern Table Lamp


Waddell | Modern Table Lamp


These Table Lamps are not just some decorative pieces, but they also add warmth to your space.



Gift Guide No. 2: Floor Lamps


Do you love the Table Lamps? Wait ‘till you see our Floor Lamps! Floor Lamps are functional, practical, and when chosen with love and care, they can enhance or alter the look and ambiance of any room.


From Luxxe Modern, Industrial, and Minimalist designs, we have an array of choices for you.


Keiley | Modern Floor Lamp


Oakleigh | Modern Floor Lamp


Denver | Modern Floor Lamp


Raya | Modern LED Floor Lamp


Amaya | Modern Floor Lamp with Marble Base



Gift Guide No. 3: Mirrors


If you have a loved one who loves mirrors and loves looking at a mirror, then these pieces will surely spark joy. From subtly stylish to glitzy and glamorous, Home Cartel mirrors are the perfect finishing touch to any space.


Who wouldn’t want to look at themselves in one of these mirrors?


Maia | Mirror with Hanger


Ceres | Mirror with Stand and Marble Base


Padma | Scandinavian Full Length Mirror (45cm x 135cm)


Stockholm Mirror Small | 50cm x 75cm


Malmo Mirror Brass | 50cm x 75cm


Gift Guide No. 4: Rugs


Rugs never go out of style. Whether it’s for a holiday or a simple “just because I want to give you a present” day, rugs can be a good choice.


No matter what rug you choose to give, as long as you keep their aesthetic in mind, there is no way you can go wrong with quality rugs from Home Cartel.


Rachida Area Rug



Sabrina Area Rug


Salima Area Rug



Gift Guide No. 5: Organizers


Who wouldn’t want an organized home? We bet everyone loves a space that’s neatly organized and well-patterned. For your neat-freak friends and relatives, organizers could be the best gift for the holidays.


Arne | Scandinavian Folded Metal Shelf



For us Filipinos, there is no stopping Christmas. Rain or shine, pandemic or not, Christmas is felt in every Filipino household. And what better way to make them feel your love than by spending time with them and remembering them during the holidays.


Make them feel extra special by giving them these wonderful items from Home Cartel. Let this Gift Guide provide your home and your loved ones light this Holiday Season.


Leave a little sparkle in your home with bright lights and aesthetic home improvement items.

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