This young and beautiful architect loves watching Dream Home Makeover and The Intern on Netflix. Despite her success in life, she always believe that as long as there is hope and support, no matter what form it may be, she will always achieve more.

Her dream of becoming an Interior Designer and Architect started vaguely in the year where she entered College and began to design her own house. Her little skills to draw surprisingly turned it to reality. The spark and joy started when she felt that she was very comfortable with what she do and she was very open to any design criticisms.

Kim always stays to her roots. When asked who inspires her, she replied, "I would say my family core truly gives inspiration to what I am doing. Aside from that are my Imagimax and Home Cartel Family who never fail to rise up and continue to help people grow by providing services that will make and improve their home and lifestyle. That gives me so much joy."

Kim loves Modern Spanish Style. Her love for the traditional forms mixed with the modern features greatly shows in her designs. She always want homes to have  classic touch that looks beautiful as it ages. 

Here are some of her works:

This cheerful, goal-oriented, and classic architect has achieved a lot in life and will be achieving more. She believes that everyone can achieve their dream as long as they put their heart to what they are doing.
Here's her advice to all aspiring interior designer and architect, "Don't view the Designer Job as a painful but necessary means to live a certain lifestyle. Treat the field as a calling to serve the world. Don't just choose the style and a company, choose a leader. Don't just show up for work and make your presence felt, don't just check off your to-do list. Always make sure, you are proud of each output. Don't be just a professional "opinioner" , someone who only has opinions and ideas to offer. Be a discoverer, a fixer, and a problem solver. . Don't fold when you're challenged, be brave instead. Lastly, don't be discouraged when you are questioned in your plans and design,  reply always with a compelling answer."
For interested clients, you can reach her at and/or 09156838070. 
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