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Having the right lighting for your space is vital in achieving a comfortable home. Lighting that is too bright can hurt the eye, while too dark can affect the mood. Therefore, you must find the right balance in lighting in order to have the #HomeLightingGoals this 2022!

Whether you are building a home or refurbishing your space, lighting should also be on top of your list. Choosing the right light will help you in keeping your space comfortable and stylish. This process could be very tricky, though. Choosing the right chandelier, placing a pendant light and purchasing which table or floor lamp is also a tough job. Aside from the look and style, it must complement the overall design of your space.

We’ll give you some tips and show some suggestions on how you can effectively choose, mix and match your lighting fixtures. Let Home Cartel help you incorporate different styles without making your space look like a garage sale.


1. Choose the focal point of your space and let the rest flow

Start by choosing the bigger things for your space, including your chandelier. For some places, chandeliers are the center of attraction. If you have a flashy and sparkly chandelier, then you should have a complementary color scheme for your floor, table and wall lights.


  Selby Trois | Luxe Crystal ChandelierSol | Minimalist Modern Table Lamp


Sissel | Luxe Crystal Chandelier - Agneta | Glass Modern Wall Sconce


2. Have a Common Thread

Another way to choose and pair fixtures is to look for a common aspect in your items and carry it through your choices. Just like what these lighting fixtures have in common.

Left: Iris Trois B | Glass Sphere with Gold Details Clustered Pendant Light

Right: Ursuline | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base


Loc Maine | Modern Pendant Light - Kirci | Modern Wall Sconce


3. Choose your finishing

What finishing do you prefer for your lights? Is it marble, glass, iron or wood? Well, you can also mix these up! Mixing finishes can also look chic when done properly and opens up many possibilities to your space.

Helga 7 | Gold Modern Mobile Chandelier - Carjon | Wall Sconce


4. Don’t be afraid to try something new

Get out of your comfort zone and give it a shot to try something you’ve never done before. Try new styles! A new style of lighting will also give you the best visual transformation.

Kamilah | Marble Table Lamp with Shade - Ulrika | Marble & Glass Table Lamp


5. Don’t pick your lights based on style alone - always consider its functionality

Always consider the function of your lighting fixture. Start by defining how it will look and always remember that it must serve a purpose.

Norne | Modern Wall SconceHalvor | Modern Floor Lamp with with Marble Base


Selecting lighting fixtures is like pairing an outfit with your jewelry, bags and shoes. You want everything to look good and balanced but not over–bearing nor dull. There are endless combinations of shapes, form, style, color and finish for lighting fixtures - it’s just a matter of finding the right combination for your taste and space.


As experts in lighting fixtures, Home Cartel is here to help you choose the one that will fit your space best.

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