A hardworking, compassionate, energetic woman, Patricia Custodio is a young interior designer who is no different from other women of her generation. She's an avid fan of Korean Dramas, and her favorite series right now is My Mister. Apart from this asianovela, she also loves watching true crime documentaries. Like everyone else, she cannot live life without food. We cannot blame her because food is life! When we asked her to choose between creamy truffle pasta or pancit canton with boiled egg, she replied, "It will always be Pancit canton - it was my go-to food during my college years!" Although she may not eat meals on time during busy days, she will still try to find time for it because no food = no energy. 



She gets inspired by the people around her. Whenever she sees people achieve their goals and witness how it happened, it inspires her to push herself more in reaching her own. She initially wanted to pursue Architecture, but she fell in love with how personal Interior Design can get because of how much they think about the client's lifestyle and well-being. She loves how interior design can significantly affect someone's mood and way of living. They don't just think about how it can be visually pleasing but also see how other factors such as space layout and ergonomics affect the users of the space.





Out of all the things to admire about Patricia, her dedication, creativity, and passion are the qualities that stood out. We love how she never forgets all the local designers that helped and mentored her before working freelance. Most of her designs are Scandinavian, modern, and contemporary. Regardless of the overall theme, she always has this urge to incorporate any wood element to add a bit of warmth, especially for residential projects.


Here are some of her works:

Project 1 – BGC Condominium
Modern style condominium unit for a newlywed couple with neutral colors and wood elements.


Project 2 – Kapitolyo Condominium
Modern luxe style unit for long-term rentals with an overall neutral scheme but with pops of accents in color and texture.


Project 3 – Antipolo Residence
A two-storey modern residential home with a clean and light kitchen.


Project 4 – Makati Condominium
Modern luxe style unit for long-term rentals with a masculine yet soft scheme.


Project 5 – BGC Condominium
A condominium unit that has a combination of modern and mid-century elements, as well as a single accent color to blend with the wood elements and neutral color scheme.


Here is her advice to all aspiring interior designers and architects, "Always take your client's well-being in consideration. When designing, put yourselves in the shoes of the person who'll use the space and ask yourselves - "Will it be efficient?" "Will it be more comfortable?" "Is it necessary?". My goal is to make sure that my client is happy and satisfied at the end of every project because this will greatly affect how you think of the layout/design."


For interested clients, you can reach her via Facebook (PMAC Interiors), Instagram (@pmacinteriors), email (, or SMS (0917 538 5053)

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