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“New year is the glittering light to brighten the dream-lined pathway of the future.” - Munia Khan


Let us welcome 2022 positively! Given the current situation, everyone is advised to stay inside their homes as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus. In line with this, we’ll be spending more time with our families. We should allow ourselves to focus more on factors that might help us lighten up the burden of thinking what is taking place in our society. We can begin with modest things that might give you peace. You may start inside your home which serves as your sanctuary from this situation.

Make your stay-at-home moments extra special. Here at Home Cartel, we listed down some of the lighting trends that you can consider this new year! Let these tips brighten up your day!


1. Oversized and the Center of Attention Lights

“Lighting is a definite way to transform a space to feel new again”, according to Jessica Harris, a designer, and manager of production design at Living Spaces. She also said that one fun way to do this 2022 would be to add an oversized chandelier. These oversized lights would be the first thing your guests would notice, and they will give them a pleasant initial impression of your house.




2. Mix and Match

Trying various matches can be enjoyable and surprising if you are arranging a space. Consider ways and designs that you have never tried before and things which you believe may not be your style. You can also consider visiting stores that offer various lighting fixtures that are on-trend.


Vanja 5 | Glass Luxe Chandelier



3. Linear Lighting

The linear shape luminaire is considered a refreshing change this 2022. Given the elegance and attraction of ornate chandeliers, this could also give you the comforting and tranquil vibes inside your homes. Minimalism these days is even more popular than before.



4. Fun Little Touches

Unique and fun finishes will be more popular this 2022 according to Jamie King from JLK Interiors. Her favorite style is metal – whether it’s bronze, gold, or nickel that adds an elegant yet industrial component to the room. She thinks that having fun with the light bulbs is a great way to change the look of the fixture.


Arendal | Matte Gold x Frosted Glass Wall Sconce



5. Subtle and Gentle Lighting

Completing the ambiance of a space is the combination of your primary light and the support of your subtle and gentle lights on the edges. Experts say that lights melting into spaces will shine this 2022. These gentle lightings will contribute appealingly to your space aside from your primarily light.



6. Room-Specific Lighting

Finding the perfect fixtures to the theme of your room is quite a tricky yet enjoyable part of renovating your space. According to Jennifer Markowitz of JNR Designs, lighting can be difficult to get right, but the trick is going room by room. Living room and bedroom light shopping will be easier if you choose light fixtures that match your room’s respective color palettes or themes.



7. Natural and Raw Textures

Indoor lighting will take its huge part this new year as people spend most of their time inside the house. To give you the relaxing vibe you need, better place natural and raw textures for your theme. According to Jen Pinto, senior designer at Jackson Design and Remodeling, to help you achieve bohemian calming vibes, organic, rattan, wooden beads, wood materials, and natural textures are a trend that gives the room a natural boho-chic look.



8. Layering Lights

A single light isn’t enough to supply the aesthetic and primary lighting needs of your house. This year will bring back the hype of having layered lights. Multiple fixtures in one place will take the 2022 spotlight. This idea is perfect for huge living rooms with table and floor lamps provided. Jennifer Harris from Allied ASID and Design Lines Signature said that the chandelier may be the accent lighting in space but adding layers of various lighting sources to allow versatility will add depth.


This 2022, improve the way you light your home! Don’t settle for anything less when Home Cartel has the best lighting fixtures that will perfectly fit your desired interior style.

Browse our website and shop for elegant chandeliers, sleek pendant lights, luxe table, and floor lamps and unique wall lamps!

It’s time to brush up your home lighting with Home Cartel! Shop now!

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