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Style isn’t just what you wear; it also transcends to your space and how you apply it to your home.

It’s easy to admire a suitable lighting fixture and home decor. However, knowing if it will fit your design theme is what makes things more complex. Lighting can play with our imagination and perception; it can create different sensations and ultimately turn a space upside down. At the same time, home decors can affect your mood, productivity, and even your confidence. That’s why choosing the right lighting fixture and every bit of your home decor is crucial.

Good thing Home Cartel has an array of chandeliers, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, wall lights, and home improvement pieces for you to choose from.

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Chandeliers are fascinating lights. Apart from providing luminance to your space, chandeliers makes for a good statement piece. A house can become a glamorous space with chandeliers in it. Chandeliers, even when not lit, can already make a space look so much better.

If you’re up for something luxe and modern that spells sophistication and refinement, here are some chandeliers for you.

Lidwina | Modern Luxxe LED Chandelier

Silvia | Modern LED Chandelier

Estelle | Modern Luxe Glass Chandelier

Aina | Modern LED Chandelier

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights are much more than just lighting fixtures. These lights can also be the next best asset to your space. You may come across some pendant lights that provide general lighting, while others have a directed light.

Whether you want a romantic glass finish or something more unconventional, Home Cartel has something for you.

Stormi | Modern LED Chandelier

Veda Tu | Retro Scandinavian Pendant Light

Emani | Modern Glass and Leather Belted Pendant Light


Friendly and easy options for lighting? The Ceiling-mounted type is the key! Ceiling-mounted Lights can provide an efficient amount of light that can be evenly distributed throughout a room.

When your space requires enhanced lighting, here are some of our suggestions.

Nara | Ceiling Mounted Light

Denby | Ceiling Mounted Light

Nhikka | Ceiling Mounted Light

Table and Floor Lamps

Enlighten yourself with the benefits of floor lamps and table lamps. Make working and studying more stylish by having a suitable office space or even a study nook. These lights are the perfect finishing touches to your office space, lounge area, and even your bedside.

Are you more of an Industrial, Modern, or Scandinavian style lover? No matter what style you want, we have something in store for you!


Bragi | Modern Floor Lamp

Halsten | Modern Floor Lamp

Eino | Marble Base Glass Table Lamp

Aron | Scandinavian Marble Base Table Lamp

Home Decors

At one time or another, some of us have experienced the struggle of looking into different stores just to find the right decor for our place. Little did you know, Home Cartel has got everything you need.

If you’re looking for mirrors that can reflect the beauty of your space or tables that are functional and stylish at the same time, here are some items from our store.

Amelia | Mirror with Shelf (55cm x 100cm)


Your options for the freshest pieces, latest styles, and state-of-the-art home lighting fixtures and home improvements are endless at Home Cartel.

It’s time to brush up and give new life to your space! Whether you are into Minimalist, Rustic, Luxe, Modern, or other interior styles, we can satisfy your appetite for living in style!

Home Cartel: Perfect lights for colder nights!

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