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Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important. — Albert Hadley 

Your home is where your heart is. As you mature and grow older, having your own personal space became a sense of fulfillment and pride. It is also a good investment for young professionals. Nowadays, more people tend to opt for investing in apartments and condos, making them their own abode.

Condos or apartments have much use. It could be an office space for small businesses, it could be a warehouse for retail, and it could be your home. The challenge is how are you going to maximize every inch of your space? How do you beautify your space?

Apartment and condo dwellers know how hard it is to choose the lighting fixtures and furniture that would fit their space. Especially with issues like lack of natural light and minimal floor space, these could be challenging.

There’s no denying that living well in a small space requires some creativity and ingenuity, there’s no doubt about it. But how do you transform a dreary condo or apartment into a well-lit abode? See these tips brought to you by Home Cartel!

Install Lighting Over and Up

In case you have a minimal bedroom, living room, or dining space, move your lighting off the floor and install it on the wall or ceiling instead. You can hang a chandelier or pendant light for your general lighting or you can even install ceiling-mounted lights.

Installing a light on the ceiling helps spread the light throughout your space.

Nara | Ceiling Mounted Light

Ingram | Modern LED Glass Chandelier

Loc Maine | Modern Pendant Light 

Having Wall Lamps are great space-savers too. Wall lamps are easy to install and can be adjusted to your desired height.

Vita Deux | Gold w/ Frosted Glass Wall Sconce 

Lyon 2 | Luxe Glass Wall Sconce 

Add Light to the Table and Floor

Some condos or apartments won’t allow chipping on the walls, That’s why chandeliers or pendant lights, even wall lamps are not good options. The solution: Table Lamps and Floor Lamps.

Table Lamps are convenient and do not take too much space. Place it on top of your bedside table or office desk and you have instant lighting. 

Klara | Luxe Table Lamp

Sol | Minimalist Modern Table Lamp

Floor Lamps have a slim design that doesn’t take up much floor space, making them great for small areas.

Karlie | Marble Base Floor Lamp


Salvi Frosted Glass (L) | Gold Floor Lamp 

Add a Mirror

To make your miniature apartment or condo feel bigger, add a mirror. Decorative mirrors help create the illusion that a room is larger and help reflect sky and light from windows.

Place it over a couch, behind the door, in a narrow hallway, or next to a dining room table. 

Oslo Mirror 90cm

Stockholm Mirror Large | 150cm x 50cm 

Have Clear Table Tops

Clear tables or glass tops provide an impression of openness and space while still offering functions. Opt for glass tables that offer a see-thru and open look. Minimalist tables are on-trend too. Small tables lamps could be placed near your bed or beside your favorite couch.

Sofia | Glass Table

Mitau | | Brass Side Table with Concrete Base 

There are countless ways to make your space brighter, better, and appear larger. It’s just a matter of creativity and style. For your lighting needs, just go to our website

Looking and shopping for chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling-mounted lights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps even home decorations are much easier and safer with Home Cartel. With just a few clicks on your phone, you can now have your desired lights for your space.

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