Lighting Your Home: Cozy Glam Interior

After having a mind-wrecking and stressful week, one would want to come home to a place that recharges and restores. Imagine going home to a freshly cooked meal, a comfy sofa to sit on, jazz music playing on the background, and warm light beaming that sets everything in a mood. I bet you can feel the warmth and coziness as you let this thought run through your mind, right? Let that dreamy idea turn to reality!

Home Cartel is here to give you tips on how to achieve the perfect coziness that radiates ‘home sweet home’ for your space!

When it comes to a good interior, natural light creates a space that feels bigger and more comfortable. Always remember to take advantage of natural light to strengthen the look and warmth it gives by accentuating your space with fixtures that scream elegance. Any room will get a cozy feel in the evening and will add a warm ambiance to it with the perfect lighting. When artificial light come from different corners of the room, it feels much softer than when it comes from a single source.

Hang your pendant lights at different heights. You might be picturing such an arrangement now - a couple or trio of lights hung in increasing height or several lights hung in different height and in a circular motion to create an elegant spiral effect in your space. This style sparks glamour as it adds a dramatic effect on your interior.


 In this picture: Alesund | Pendant Lights

Maximize the functionality and style of your space by using different types of lighting fixtures. Experts advise to use layers to make the space more interesting, such as in floor lamps paired with a nearby table lamp and other decorative objects.



Matching does not just apply to people, they also apply to rooms and light fixtures. Using the right light in the right room makes a whole world of difference. Wall lamps, table lamps, and pendant lights always work on bedrooms, and chandeliers are perfect for dining and living rooms.



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