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Before the year ends, Home Cartel is kicking 2019 with a bang by revamping their collections! Each collection is categorized based on popular interior concepts and styles that are curated to suit your taste! Whether you’re looking for Scandinavian aesthetics, a more minimalist interior, the breeze of a coast or a little bit of farmhouse magic, Home Cartel got it for you!


Have you seen the ‘light’ where the sky meets the sea? This collection captures that amazing scenery! With Home Cartel’s Coastal Collection, capture the ocean hues and bring that salty, fresh and breezy coziness into your interior!




Yeehaw! The bright lights of the countryside calls! Featuring pieces with a concrete and earthy touch that will give you the warmth of the great outdoors! We’re sure y’all gonna love it, right partner?




Who wouldn’t love the rawness that the Industrial Collection brings? Industrial is all about raw power and strength and bringing that into your interior! Perfect for the practical and creative junkie who delights in the textural interplay of the raw and the refined.



If your searching for gems to accessorize your interior, then the Luxxe Classic Collection is what you’ve been looking for! Lighting fixtures from this collection are the perfect jewelry for your space! Add the shimmer and glam of Luxxe Classic to your interior!




Welcoming you to the grandest home with cozy sofas, state-of-the-art furniture, cutting edge appliances, bottles of champagne and LUXURIOUS LIGHTS! Be a guest at your own house-tel. Sit back and relax as this collection screams five-star!



Minimalist never goes out of style! Achieve a clean and simple but extraordinary look with the Minimalist Collection. With pieces that can complement any space, interior designing has never been this easy!




Modern and mainstream, bring pieces that are on-trend and unique straight to your interior! These pieces are fit for the modern lifestyle that you live.




Funky and groovy, that is what the Retro Chic Collection radiates! Bring the beauty of the old school straight to your interior! Totally!




Clean lines, chic minimalism and that airy feel – we know you’ll love it! With a blend of textures, contrasts, and soft hues, The Scandinavian Collection makes a sleek, modern, warm and inviting interior.




Check out for its wide variety of lights! Whatever your taste, they have it all for you.


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