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Summer is just around the corner! However, with the Enhanced Community Quarantine, all plans and summer getaway are canceled. All outdoor activities we used to do and enjoy under the bright sun, we can’t do it, for now, this year. For now, we need to stay at home and stay healthy.

Don’t worry, Home Cartel got your back and listed down some activities you can still do with your family and enjoy while we are still on Enhanced Community Quarantine and to bond more.

  • If you are staying with your kids why not make a fort with them like you used to do when you were little, use some chairs, pillows, blankets, and others.
  • Get your chips and popcorn ready for a movie all night long.
  • Do an easy craft with them just give your kiddos some crayons, papers, or clays and let their imagination do the rest.
  • Playing charades or have a boarding night it is an all-time family favorite game, making everyone be competitive for a few hours will help you kill the boredom.
  • Baking your kids’ favorite cupcake or trying a new recipe you found online. You can do a lot of things with your family just be creative and don’t let the internet takes so much of all your time use this moment to have a good and healthy relationship with your family.

For yourself, make this day to learn new things, be fit, be productive, and be the best version of yourself. If you are working from home make sure that you discipline yourself and make sure that all your tasks are completed by the end of the day.

  • Reading new books, articles, and blogs will help you to learn new things, isn’t that cool?
  • If you are up for some photography why not master your skill at home do some DIY photoshoot with things you may be found at your house.
  • Experiment with your hairstyle if you’ve always wanted to test out something new for your hairstyle now it’s your chance to also try matching up your clothes for your next OOTD after this Quarantine.
  • Staying fit and healthy is a must doing some quick home routine, eating fruits vegetables, and staying hydrated this summer.

While you are staying at home you can also clean and redecorate your house taking out the old stuff and planning for a new interior. If you are looking for new light fixtures Home Cartel has different collections that will inspire you and perfect for your dream interior. (click here to VIEW ALL OUR COLLECTIONS).

You can do a lot of things during this Quarantine all you need is to be creative, productive, and don’t forget to stay healthy during this pandemic. Also, add to your list to shop online at Home Cartel, shop by design.


Home Cartel would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our heroes in these trying times. To all the doctors, nurses, health workers, volunteers, officers, and to all who are still working despite this kind of situation. We are truly proud of you and accept our warm gratitude and salute to all of you!

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