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What does it take to have the most comfortable living area?

Your living area is probably the largest space in your home. It serves multiple purpose and variety of activities are made in this particular room. As you stay longer inside your home due to the pandemic, it is a must to have a living area that will not just provide aesthetics but most importantly, comfort.

In this photo: Vita | Modern Chandelier


Making sure that your living room is well-organized, well-designed and well-lit is actually more complicated than you think. It must live to its purpose of providing an area fit for any activity for you and your family. All aspects inside that space should complement each other, from the furniture, to paintings or photos you out to the smallest details and most especially to the lighting fixtures that you will use. 

Just how would you do it? Should you put a nice crystal chandelier? Should you hang a stylish pendant light? How many floor lamps should be in your living room? Should it be dim or bright?

Follow these lighting tips and we’ll help you light up your living room!

Tip #1: Layer your lights.

Combining different layers of lights help you bring life to your room, or add personality to your interior. It also adds versatility and flexibility. Layering your lights allow you to give emphasis on the different aspects of your space for its different purpose.

In this photo: Eva | Pendant Light

Take note of these following lighting categories:

  1. Ambient Lighting - lights up a space in its entirety. Ambient lights provide general lighting for a space, as well as giving it a more refined glow.

  1. Task Lighting - lights used for a specific task such as reading, studying, cooking, applying makeup, etc. It gives more detail to objects and provide safe passage.

  1. Accent Lighting - lights that help accentuate features and add more visual interest to an area or object in your space.

In this photo: Magrete | Wall Sconce

You can add layers of light from a number of types of fixtures that can be used together or separately for a flexible space.


Tip #2: Add a wall Light.

Wall lights produce a unique lighting pattern, it also adds a timeless look to any room in your home, especially when paired with antique furniture and décor. It provides a requisite amount of light without the need of lighting up the whole room, which results to less energy consumption.

In this photo: Anniken | Wall Sconce

In this photo: Carjon | Wall Sconce

Tip #3: Add a Lamp.

A lamp can create a huge difference in your space. Floor Lamps help spread brighter light in a more diffused way, while table lamps brings light closer to your eyes.

In this photo: Luna | Table Lamp
In this photo: Oxenfurt | Floor Lamp

Figure out how are you going to use your space. Is this corner for reading, is it for tv viewing, is it for board games with your family? Positioning your lighting fixtures correctly can lift your spirits and make you more relaxed and productive.

Lighting and designing your living area is tricky-good thing Home Cartel is here to help you. Choose the right ambient, task and accent lighting fixtures from our variety of options found in our website And while you’re at it, we also offer Free Design Consultation, so you can have a better idea on what lights to purchase, just send us a message.

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