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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It's the Holiday Season! Parols are hanged, Christmas Lights flicker on the streets, Christmas Trees are now standing in the living room, and Christmas and New Year cheers are heard. It is indeed the happiest season especially for Filipinos.

It is also one of the busiest seasons. Christmas and New Year sales are everywhere, and it is the perfect opportunity for gift shopping! And now that we are just counting days before we bid goodbye to 2020, have you thought of the perfect year-end gift to give to your loved ones? How about something stylish and fancy? Or something simple and classy? Perhaps, something that will illuminate and reflect how you feel for them? Sounds like a nice idea, right?

Here at Home Cartel, we have prepared something that will help you choose what to give to your family and friends. Check out our Gift Guide!

Gift Guide 1: Lamps

We at Home Cartel believe that Lamps are one of the best home décor gifts to give. It is functional, it goes with any decor, and lamps help enhance the look of any room. After all, lamps have the power to instantly change the overall feel of a space.

With Table and Floor Lamps, your options are endless. You just have to consider the perfect shape and style for your space. However, if you don’t know the size of the space and you would want to give as a gift, opt for a medium and smaller choice of floor lamp where it can be placed anywhere.

 Table and Floor Lamps are perfect gift ideas, as light symbolizes positivity, grace and warmth.

Gift Guide 2: Mirrors

A good mirror does not only reflect what you put in front of it, but it also adds flare to your interiors. It actually adds a stylish effect in your room and illuminate light which adds brightness to your space. Mirrors can vary in different sizes, shapes and styles and you can put it anywhere in your home.


At Home Cartel we have different Mirror pieces that will fit any space requirement. Let these mirrors reflect your love for your loved ones.

Gift Guide 3: Organizers and Décor

Having an organized home is not an easy job, but thanks to organizers and other home decors, organizing home is made easier. Shopping for home décor pieces and organizers is not an easy task. That’s why we are grateful for friends who give us home decors as presents. Organizers and Décor are sometimes the little things that we forget to include in our list but has a great impact in our space.

Save yourself from the hassle of going out to shop. Save your time from traveling just to purchase your gifts. Just go to and scroll down from the many options in-store for you. Whatever you choose: either a floor lamp, table lamp, a mirror or home décor, Home Cartel has plenty of options for you to choose from. Nevertheless, it is always the thought that counts. Make them feel your love and care through these gift guides.

These are also the perfect gift for yourself and your home this New Year. These Lights and Home Decor will surely bring new light to your space. Trust Home Cartel in making your home a better place!

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A letter to our Home Cartel family,

We’ve undergone some tough situations this year. A lot of incidents tested our faith, trust and resilience. Some people consider this year as their worst year. However, despite the many challenges that everyone has faced and continue to face, may we not lose hope. Let us all remember the essence of Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

May we never forget that there will always be better days, and that all of us can still shine brighter despite the adversity. Let us be the light to our family, friends and our community. This Holiday Season, share your light to everyone!

Be kind and always have courage!

Happy Holidays!

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