Good Lighting Fixtures are More than just Aesthetics

Lighting is an integral part in an interior design. Whether it is a residential home, apartment, condo or commercial space, lighting plays a vital role in creating a comfortable ambiance within your space. A well-designed room is more aesthetically pleasing when it is illuminated well.

 In this photo: Sissel | Luxxe Crystal Chandelier


Great lighting also has a huge impact in a person’s impressions, moods, and productivity. Today, as most of us are working and studying at home due to the pandemic, it might be hard to find anything positive to focus on and could be more stressful. Being stuck in your house for months on end may not be what we hoped for. Honestly, it is the last thing that some of us would want to do. But if there is something good that could come from it, at least we got a chance to spend more days with our family.


This quarantine gives us an opportunity to do some home improvement projects. Whether you purchase new home decors, or revamp your space, or change your lights, there is always something good to do inside your home. Working for some parts of your house can be a good diversion and could help you forget about work even for a short time. And having a well-light space can also improve your health.


Whether you are staying in an apartment or on your own house, it’s time to give your home some new lighting fixtures. Swap out those boring and dated lighting fixtures with something more modern, chic and stylish.


Start in your office space. Now, that online classes and work from home set-ups are on-going, it is best to have your office space some good lighting. When lighting an office space, according to Rebecca Hadley of Eaton’s SOURCE lighting education center, “it should encourage alertness and productivity”. It should not be too dim or dull and it should not be too harsh in brightness either. Harmony of lights in your office space has to be found and well-maintained.


When lighting a home, you should keep in mind that each room have different purposes. Whereas your kitchen should have brighter lights while your living room should have warmer and more mellow lights.


Here are some lights that would fit your space requirements:

Baron (60x40) | Ceiling Mounted Light


Theoden | Ceiling Mounted Light

These ceiling mounted lights provide softer light and illuminates the whole space.


 Hugi | Modern Table Lamp

Hudson | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base

Tables Lamps like Hugi and Hudson can be a perfect piece for a task light solely for reading in a desk.


You can also add up floor lamps in your space, aside from they provide a softer ambiance they can also be easily transferred from one place to another if you wish to redecorate or move. Check out these new products:



Ansgar | Modern Floor Lamp

By replacing or adding your lighting fixtures, you are giving yourself a space where you can feel comfortable and feel less stressed.


Adding mirrors can also help brighten your space. Since mirrors allow light to bounce around a room.

 Oslo Mirror

 Bergen Leather Strap Mirror


“Light is the most important synchronizing agent for the brain and body. Proper synchronization of your internal biological rhythms with the earth's daily rotation has been shown to be essential for health.” According to Ivy Cheung of Northwestern Medicine

That is why you should pay attention to the kind of lighting you surround yourself and your family. Lighting is a crucial part not just of the interior design but also of feeling happy and healthy.

For those who can’t control the availability of sunlight in your space, try to improve the type of lighting that you use at home. Home Cartel is here to help you. We’ve got a wide selection of lighting fixtures that will help compliment any style, design and look that you want.

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