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During this pandemic, staying inside our homes may affect our mood and productivity, especially when you are alone in your condo or apartment. Create a sunshine-filled and brighter space by improving your lighting to help keep you calm and remain at ease.

     Let Home Cartel help you transform your apartment or condo into the coziest and most comfortable haven during this quarantine. Adding several lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and pendant lights in your space helps increase alertness and feeling of vitality during the day. It improves your mood and also helps you achieve better sleep at night.

Here are some tips for you on how you can turn your space into a well-lit home:

1. Hang an Eye-Catching Ceiling Fixture

  • Good ceiling lights or chandeliers are not just some decorative lightings, hence it helps direct attention upward and will help open up your space. It also adds illumination and drama.
  • Choosing the right chandelier for your space could be a little tricky. You should consider your ceiling, the style of your over-all interior, the material that you want to purchase and the right dimension of the light.
  • Chandeliers like Rivia | Modern Luxxe Crystal Chandelier and Andrine | Modern Chandelier with Crystal Beads provide a modern lighting touch to your interior through its glass material. Home Cartel also offers Brass, Crystal and other types of chandeliers for you to choose from. You can also see the materials and dimensions which makes it easy for you.



Andrine | Modern Chandelier wit Crystal Beads

2. Choose your Lamps Wisely

  • Floor lamps are not just some decorative accents-they make a huge difference in the quality of light in your space. They can be a stylish piece to any room, as you can choose any size and shape that is appropriate. See more of our floor lamps collection in our website.

Hugi | Modern Floor Lamp is a gold lamp placed on top of a rod with a gold base. This lamp gives a diffuse and soft light. This floor lamp will be a nice decorative detail in your home while creating a beautiful and cozy shine.



Oxenfurt | Brass with Frosted Spheres Floor Lamp is a simple yet creative modern floor lamp. This lamp is perfect for your industrial looking space.


3. Consider Warm Lights

  • Make your space feel inviting. Softer, yellow lights make a space more relaxing and calming. Just like our Hans Floor Lamp and Cirdan (45cm) | Ceiling Mounted Light, its soft yellow lights removes tension and provides a comfortable ambiance to your space.

Hans | Gold Modern Floor Lamp

Cirdan (45cm) | Ceiling Mounted Light 

4. Think About your Lighting Fixture’s Form and Purpose

  • You should not only consider the over-all brightness of your space but also think of its major purpose.
  • A table lamp can function as an adequate additional source of illumination. Assign a table lamp for reading at a desk as you work or study

Bowery | Modern Table Lamp with Marbles Base



Gerda | Smoked Glass Table Lamp


  • Floor Lamps can enhance the intimacy of a room. These are ideal for spaces lacking in area because they provide plenty of light without taking too much space. Floor Lamps provide lighting to a specific seating or task areas making them more functional.

Karlie | Marble Base Floor Lamp


5. Consider Also the Tiny Details Inside your Space

  • A well-lit home is better when you finish it with home decors that help brighten the atmosphere of your space.
  • Try adding a rug or coordinate your pillows and blankets to make it look fancier.

Roque | Runner Rug by Home 22

Ademar | Turkish Runner Rug by Home 22

  • Hanging mirrors to your walls can help make your space look wider. It helps your space look bigger and less claustrophobic.

Oslo Mirror 90cm


Stockholm Mirror Large | 150cm x 50cm

     Staying inside your home can get a little lonely and tiring. Don’t let it get to you! Create a healthy environment that will help you be more productive. No matter where you are in the Philippines, you can shop for lighting fixtures and home decors conveniently through our website.

     Spare yourself from those low-quality lights and let Home Cartel your high-quality lighting supplier brighten your space every day. Visit our website homecartel.net for a wide variety of lighting fixtures and while you’re at it shop around for home essentials in our just-launched home22.shop.

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