For The School Year’s Study Area: Home Cartel Task Lamps

Summer vacation is over and it is now time for another school year. It’s another busy year of students spending more time up all night, with their noses on school-related activities. There will be times when they will be desperate to spend all night just to study for exams or finish their take home school activities. However, even though they might be desperate, they shouldn’t study in a poorly lit room. The question is, are their study lights ready to support their several all-nighters to survive this school year?

We all don’t want to work in a dim room, right? It will definitely be a hard challenge. Good for you if you’ll be able to be up all night while doing stuff in a poorly lit room! Proper lighting in a study area is essential because it can affect productivity. Productivity and the hours’ students are able to spend there will depend on how tired their eyes are. Note: and they get tired faster in weak light! So, Modern Lighting suggests making sure to incorporate several layers of lighting in a study area so they will be able to pull off many hours of studying. In Modern Lighting, general lighting in a room serves a big role in illuminating an entire room. But when it comes to studying area, there will be a need for task lighting.

Task lighting provides the correct amount of light exactly where it's needed to suit the task at hand. For students, it will be a great help for them to stand long hours on working out their take-home activities. Task lighting can be created using a variety of light sources, like task lamps. Using task lamps whilst studying is one of the best ways to increase productivity. It allows focus on the task at hand and minimizes the distractions around them.

Examples of task lamps include the following:


Table lamps

Adding a table lamp in a room enhances its atmosphere and mood. In modern lighting, it serves as a centerpiece in a room or an eye-catching statement in there. But, we must always consider its most practical function which is for “task lighting”.


Take a look at Maegan White Table Lamp:

This table lamp has that motivating personality because of its white and gold color combination. Perfect for setting the mood of success needed while accomplishing any take home school activity. This minimalist lighting fixture will surely make your study area flattering but will not compromise its function. Table lamps just like this one commonly help minimize glare, reflections, and shadows while working, which helps reduce eyestrain.


Floor Lamps

Usually, floor lamps appear as decorative lighting. They are offering functionality and also making a design statement that sets the room’s mood and ambiance.


Eyes for Maegan Black Floor Lamp:

For doing school works that require a bigger space in a room, this lighting is the perfect one. This minimalist lighting fixture is surely stunning but still functional. It is flexible and portable making it excellent in directing a pool of light to what you are working for. Floor lamp fixture like this one is perfect to illuminate a certain work area that needs adequate light which needs adequate light.


In modern lighting, task lamps can be both functional and stylish. Get your study areas ready with decorative lighting for this school year’s all-nighters. Home Cartel has its stylish floor and table lamps fixtures perfect to achieve that

Check out variety of stylish task lamps, ready for whatever you need them!

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