Your Safe Haven for the New Year

A new year has come! How did you welcome 2021? Not much of a grand celebration there, right? But it doesn’t matter. There may be no grand celebration, but what’s important is that we are healthy, safe and well.

Every New Year, it has been a tradition to set our New Year’s resolutions! Have you thought of what’s yours?

Here are some New Year’s Resolution ideas that you could try for yourself.

  1. Cook New Dishes – Maximize your stay in your home and create appetizing meals for yourself and for your family
  2. Explore New Things – Learn a new skill, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, try something you’ve never done before - but don’t forget to practice social distancing.
  3. Redecorate your Home – Yes! Redesign your space just the way you like it. Move your furniture, rearrange those paintings, redecorate.
  4. Maintain a Clean Home – Make it habit to always sweep the floor, clean your bedroom, wash the dishes and keep your home organized.
  5. Always be Positive – Never lose sight of the good things that surround you. A positive outlook in life will get you somewhere!
  6. Be more Hopeful – Always have faith, and keep holding on for better days!
  7. Shine Brighter this 2021 – Unleash the brighter you and step out of your comfort zone!

Whatever your New year’s resolution is always remember to do it for your own self-improvement. Do what makes you happy.

Here at Home Cartel, it is one of our resolutions to always bring something new to the table. Our goal is to help you achieve a safe haven for yourself and for your family. We would like to make you happy by helping you improve your home with our lighting fixtures. If you’re thinking of upgrading, moving or redecorating your home, we’re here to help!

Home Cartel offers high-end lights that are set to brighten and improve your home! From classic to contemporary to modern lighting fixtures, we have it all for you. Check out these inspirations for your space.

Living Room

You might want to add some decorative lighting to your living room. It is good to have a space illuminated with natural light but for darker spaces will look better when you have the right lighting fixtures at the right place. Hang a chandelier and place a floor lamp for your ambient light and put a table lamp for your accent light - an added illumination and style to your space.

Oxenfurt | Brass with Frosted Spheres Floor Lamp

Kitchen and Dining Area

The Kitchen is probably one of the busiest and most used places inside a house. It is where meals are prepared and every member of the family even guests go to the kitchen. That is why it is a must to have a well-lit kitchen. Start by adding an ambient light, the higher and brighter, the better. You can also add an accent light such as wall lights to improve your kitchen design and aesthetics.

Morhen | Modern LED Chandelier

Elle Min | Adjustable Pendant Light


It is essential to get the right lighting design for your bedroom as it is where you spend most of your time. Getting the right light for your own personal space helps you feel more comfortable as you rest, and makes you feel better waking up every morning. Don’t forget to layer your lights by adding a ceiling fixture, like a pendant light or ceiling mounted light. Place a bedside lamp that offers ample lighting enough for your needs.

Cadiz | Glass x Gold Chandelier

Luna | Frosted Sphere Table Lamp


Most of the time, lighting a bathroom is on the bottom of our list of priorities, compared to the other rooms inside our house. However, lighting a bathroom is essential in maximizing the whole space. Start from your ceiling and vanity then work your way down. How about a pair of wall lights alongside your vanity mirror? Or an overhead pendant light? That would be lovely!

Gyda | Glass Wall Sconce

Bo | Nordic Wall Sconce

Home Office

Now that most of us are working from home, it is a must to have a space that would help boost your productivity. An office space with good lighting helps you work at ease and more comfortable. A nice table lamp or floor lamp would be perfect for your office space!

Hugi | Modern Table Lamp

Halden | Wooden Finish Modern Floor Lamp


Be inspired by these lighting fixtures and have yourself a brighter home this new year! Just go to and see our wide variety of lights that will suit your space! For other home products, you may also check Home 22.


Shine Brighter this 2021 in your own safe haven!


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