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As we are getting used to our current situation and as we are transitioning to the “New Normal” everything has changed. Many of us are spending a lot of time at home and many of us are working from home and having meetings online.

Here are some tips for video conferencing while working from home

  • Organize Beforehand – If you’re going on a meeting make sure that everything is organized. Check and prepare all the materials that you’re going to use beforehand. If your workmate/teammate needs to see a document make sure to send it before and everyone has access to the data prior to the video conference.
  • Dress-up – Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you are not going to dress-up appropriately especially during meetings. By simply being presentable during meetings shows your professionalism. You can dress in business casual or formal or conform on the dress code your company is implementing.
  • Audio and Camera - Make sure that your audio and camera are working properly. Before meeting, have an audio and video test to see if your mic and video are working properly. You can use headphones or earphones when you’re on a video call to hear and sound better than using computer/laptop built-in microphone.
  • Background – Background really matters! Choose the best location to make a video call. The best background spot is with a neutral or plain background. The focus should be on you to make sure that there are no unnecessary objects that may draw attention during the meeting.
  • During the call – Don’t forget your meeting etiquette. Try to maintain direct visual contact with your computer’s camera. Avoid looking at yourself on the screen and just focus on the meeting agenda like you’re attending in person.  And lastly, mute yourself when you’re not speaking this eliminates any background noise on your end.
  • Right Lighting –  Lighting is one of the most important things you need to think when you are working from home. The right lighting can result in higher productivity and efficiency. Check out below we have some ideas on the right lighting tips. 

  • Using Natural Light – If you place your home office near the window you made the best decision. The best light that you can have is the one that goes through your window. Maximize the natural light and the benefit of how natural rays of the sun light up your working space
  • One of the benefits of a table lamp is to focus light. It can help when we are doing something. Work offices are known for making documents, writing, reading, and more. The table lamp is considered to be task lights that give enough light support to your vision
  • Using Floor Lamps – Many of us don’t think much and also don’t consider floor lamps nowadays. Floor lamps are not just a home decor, but a functional, helpful device. Now that working from home and having home offices have become so common these days, and so has floor lamps which are common essentials for a home office.

Having a messy workplace can change your mood and compromise your productivity. Make sure to be organized and have a clean work space. Check out Home Cartel’s Minimalist Collection for other lighting fixture ideas for your work space.

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Riley White Table Lamp
         Hans Gold Modern Floor Lamp
Helga 7 Black and Copper
Tribeca 60 | Modern Dome light
Oviedo Gold E27 | Glass Ball Pendant Light

No matter if you are working from the office or working from home good lighting is one of the important things we need to think about. With great and right lighting it can help you increase your work efficiency and take good care of your eyes.

Home Cartel’s got it all for you! From work-from-home lighting essentials, luxurious chandeliers, to light collections that are tastefully designed to fit your preference.

Work with ease with Home Cartel!

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