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Businesses, malls, schools, museums, parks, and other public places across every nation who are affected by COVID-19 are forced to stop their operations in an attempt to contain the pandemic. People have come up with different methods on how to be safe. Many people have chosen to stay at home and must practice social distancing to avoid spreading the virus further.

We spend most of our time at home. This sudden transition is a new environment for us from taking classes online and working from home. To cope with the New NormalHome Cartel lists down some tips on how to be productive while you are working from home.

  • Organize your day – List down your tasks for the day and sort out which ones are your top priorities. You could also have a calendar or timeline for each of your workloads so you can monitor all your tasks.
  • Keep in touch – Communicate with your friends and workmates virtually using applications like Zoom, Skype, and Slack.
  • Schedule breaks – Apply your company’s policy on break times and give yourself a break from the computer screen and phone.
  • Set ground rules – Set ground rules for yourself and with other people in your home. What are off-limits and dos and don’ts when you are working? Working from home may be an advantage but don’t let your productivity suffer.
  • Create a comfortable working environment – Your work area should be clean, bright, and comfortable to ensure maximum productivity.

Check out our sample home-office set-up to give you an idea on how to set-up your own workspace. We also added some tips on how to best lay-out furniture and what to consider when setting up your station.


 Sometimes we need some privacy. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office room for yourself, you can set it up with a twist by matching it with the right lighting fixture by Home Cartel’s Fornhala table lamp and Maegan silver floor lamp.

Fornhala table lamp: Maegan floor lamp:

Prioritize your comfort. You can grab your chair from the dining area and add some pillow to support your back. Being comfortable will help you finish your task quickly and with ease. Keep your station spacious and bright with Home Cartel’s Cygnus table lamp and floor lamp - perfect for your work space!

Cygnus Table LampCygnus Floor Lamp:

Don’t forget to also consider the layout of your house! Use the dead corner in your house to set-up your work station. You can use your old stuff like your table or chair. Add some decoration such as picture frames, candles and lighting fixture by Home Cartel. Our sophisticated Hans table lamp and Floor Lamp is a perfect complement to your home office.

Hans Table Lamp: Hans Floor Lamp:

Be creative when setting up your office! You’ve got lots of options to choose room. Do you want a pink or yellow chair? Go ahead! It’s all up to you. If you need some lighting fixture ideas for your home office, Home Cartel is at your service. We have elegant and classic Collections that will match your every mood.

Always at home with Home Cartel!

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