These are the top 10 trends for home lighting in 2019

Your New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to include a drastic lifestyle change - it can start with the easiest tweaking - a better lighting. From pendants to lamps, whether it’s one fixture statement or several lighting layers, we piled up designer-approved glow-up ideas that best serve you. Here’s a list of what to dump and what to grab in 2019:


Gold is forever. This classic metallic finish is a default style staple for elegance and glamour. But throughout changes in history and society, gold has evolved to be more flexible and contemporary. This is an excellent option if you want to inject a classic addition to your space. After all, upgraded tradition is what 2019’s all about. (see gold lighting fixtures)


Back to black – but the more attractive kind of black. A modern twist to the classic favorite monotone, matte finishes is where the line between traditional and modern blurs. Gaining its popularity from its simplistic and modern style, lighting fixtures in matte black adds an extra touch of glam to your home. (see black lighting fixtures)


More than just light and airy look – decors made from sustainable materials are all the rage since last year, and it’s not going anywhere. Most sustainable designs, like wickers, are made up of woven natural fibers like rattan and rope. Wood adds a good touch, too. This creates a bohemian element and casual laidback accent that works with many styles and looks.


Go big! It’s the new way home. Let’s not talk about how lighting can really be underrated and how the initial emphasis is more on other home features, no more. Because this year, we look up and give importance to our humble ceilings. Pendant lights are an excellent choice on adding trendy style to your home, make them pop by grabbing the large ones! (see Tribeca pendant light)


2019 is all trends but not one in particular. See: Vintage. Edison Lamps are more than aesthetic but a functional glow and warmth source for those who are opting for a rustic and relaxed ambience. These lamps are also good for architectural type of designs. Plus, they consume less power and lasts longer!

6.    MARBLE

If you think marble bases are dead, you can’t be more wrong. With the rise of stoneware design (inclusive of faux) on beauty, lifestyle, and health, it’s making its comeback to interior design too. And no, we’re not talking about counter tops, but lighting instead. This might be the year of clean luxury and if you’re planning to go the neat and cool route, consider decorating using marble lamps. (see Clarice lamp)


Contemporary will still be the front liner trend this year. Modern world demands modern style. Notorious for its casual appeal, industrial lamps are still on the running to being the center lighting piece in just about anywhere in the house. Cop the clean silhouette with industrial elements to keep a sophisticated look. (see Industrial lighting fixtures)


If you’re feeling bold and in need of an Instant drama, consider getting oversized drum lights. These are pendant lights that resembles the shape of an inverted drum. With scales that surely spark interest, go for the remarkable and statement-making drum lights. (see Tribeca pendant light)


Who said chandeliers are overrated? When it comes to lighting, this trusty ol’ fixture is still king. In 2019, if you are opting for a timeless beauty, go get your home a classic crystal chandelier. This can also look seamless with modern designed spaces as opposed to the idea that it’s only good for old-world houses. (see Chandeliers)


What’s 2019 without modern and unique ideas? And when it comes to modern lighting ideas, one great option is track lighting. These are series of lights that are great in providing good amount of light and statement. Go and run the track towards cool style by copping these envy-inducing statement piece. (see Boston track lights)

We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us. Make the days count by creating a space that best goes with your lifestyle of choice. Comfort is supreme… and style is chief. 

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