How Lighting Affects Your Mood

Most of us might be unaware of how lighting deeply impacts our daily emotions. For instance, why do you feel upbeat and optimistic during the bright sunny days and feel gloomy and sleepy on rainy days? It’s not a coincidence. Also, it’s not just because of the crazy weather change in the Philippines. Studies are suggesting that lighting affects numerous emotional factors and even directly contributes to our mood and productivity. Here’s how:
1. Bright lights heighten emotions
Have you noticed how our moods are more intense when we are exposed to bright light levels? That’s because bright lighting actually impacts our emotions in great ways. Research suggests people associate the brighter, more intense light levels with heat. Heat often increases the intensity level of emotional responses. For example, bright lights can make you feel more decisive and happy, or intensively angry. (See Merida Pendant Light)
2. Blue lighting for productivity
Blue lights are ideal for work environment or at home when you want tasks to be completed. It is because exposure to blue lights, like LED, promotes people to be productive. Bulbs that emit blue light allow our brains to process information easier and help increase our focus. This is why task lighting is recommended on offices.  (See Oviedo Gold Pendant Light)
3. Dimmed lighting helps for relaxation
Lower light levels help us relax. Unlike the cool blue lighting, a warm dim encourages us to unwind. That is why lower light levels are ideal when you want to create a romantic setting and spend some quality time with your loved one. Additionally, reducing the ambient level of light about an hour or so before bedtime can help us fall to sleep faster. (See Sofia A, B, C, Amber Glass Pendant Light)

So the next time you are changing interiors and considering the trends of modern lighting, whether a Scandinavian design or trying the minimalist lighting, try considering what type of light you need to use it to your advantage.
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