“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”. For years this has been attributed to the name of the largest city in the United States, New York. The city is known for many things; business, finance, food, the arts, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and interior design. New York had preceded its reputation of being the city of dreams, because of the vast choices of opportunities the city is offering. With a lot of beautiful places and opportunities that await you there, there’s no wonder why many people want to be in THAT city. It’s tempting right? But what if I told you that, you don’t have to spend thousands of pesos to travel across the globe and experience the ambiance of New York? You can bring that New York chic vibes straight into the corners of your home!

The New York Loft style is a current trend in the world of interior design. It is the usage of natural colors such as gray, brown, white and black as the base for the interior. This particular style transforms your space to have a more industrial and urban look by highlighting the architecture of your space.

And what’s the best way to highlight these features? It’s good lighting for your space, of course! Home Cartel offers you two of its collection, Concrete Seduction and Modern Industrial. This modern yet raw collection gives more aesthetically appealing vibes to your room which helps you achieve that New York Loft style.  Good lighting is always the key to a good interior.


This collection gives you pieces that are groundbreaking in its simplest form! Concrete Seduction is perfect to elevate your interior by its captivating ceramic design.

 Take a look at Arkke | Nordic Pendant Light:

These pendant lights are a bold take for strong concrete aesthetics. Arkke is a series of painted ceramic with chrome band detail. These lightings gives you a perfect vibe of New York – an ideal touch for every modern man's dream of an industrial interior.

Take a look at Colton Fiberglass Large:

The Colton Fiberglass is perfect for the New York vibes you’re looking for. This pendant light with natural concrete and clear silicone color will surely modernize any space you’re aiming for.

Take a look at Mikka 01 and 02 :

This natural concrete color with brass metal light will definitely urbanize the look of your space. Mikka gives your room the elegance it needs. Relaxing will never be a problem with lights like these.


The collection features the beauty of an edgy yet cohesive look of the modern industrial style of New York Loft. This is definitely perfect for the practical and creative junkie who delights in textural interplay of the raw and redefined.

Take a look at Maxwell A, B, C | Modern Industrial Pendant Light:

This black with red copper color pendant light will surely give your interior the modern industrial look it need. The Maxwell A, B, and C will highlight the beauty of your interior’s raw framework.

Take a look at  Wall Sconces:


       Hagar Black                           


New York Loft Style will be more urban with this wall sconces. The Brooke, Hagar Black and Gavin from the Modern Industrial Collection will give warmth to your space. Feel the coziness of the loft style with these lights.

Take a look at Asmund | Floor and Table Lights:

These table and floor lamps is undeniably an eye-catcher in your interior. Asmund is a must-have lighting piece for the loft style. Impress your guests by the strong industrial look these lamps gives.

The New York Loft style will never be complete without the best lighting to accentuate the features and urban look of your space. Be seduced by the beauty of concrete, get that style your aiming with our Concrete Seduction and Modern Industrial collections. Home Cartel offers you the best lights that are perfect to achieve that.

Check out variety of lights, ready for whatever you need them!

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