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Decorative lighting is an essential aspect of interior design; it is an element that should be perfected to ensure that the space works well. The position, placement, intensity, structure and color of the fixtures are factors of a well-balanced interior. Integrating different designs of light in your space enables you to create an area that functions well because lighting has a large impact on the ambiance and mood it creates on your space — slay it and the overall look of your space will be on point.

This is the reason why Home Cartel has always been dedicated in giving lights that are curated just for you. We are introducing the latest additions to our collections that best suit your interior. New lights and new designs means better items — Shop by design indeed!



Chandeliers are usually used in rooms with bigger spaces to maximize its area and to provide a flaunting and fancy vibe. Most people think that chandeliers are for the wealthy, but Home Cartel offers a vast range of choices that will suit any budget.


Leave your guests in awe with the Katrien | Golden Brass Modern Chandelier



The Callen | Retro Chandelier gives you that chic and cool vibe.



A creative take of a chandelier, the Ingrid 5 | Branching Disc Chandelier is a no brainer choice to give your space an artistic and elegant touch.



Ceiling Lights

This particular kind of light fixtures hang from the ceiling but unlike chandeliers, they do not branch out. Ceiling lights (also known as pendant lights) give an aesthetically pleasing display when hung on different heights. With proper placement, these lights can dramatically change the mood of your space. Home Cartel has a plethora of ceiling lights to choose from, at least one of which will match your space!


Fun and playful. It’s not yet too late to make your space magical and Tio | Brass and Frosted Glass Pendant Light is here for that.



Hang this down in different levels and your interior will be exquisite! The Derby | Brass Pendant Light is a lighting fixture that screams B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!


Ceiling Mounted

A lighting fixture that is attached to the ceiling. Ceiling mounted lights are commonly used in interiors with low ceilings and limited space so as not to make the space look even smaller.



Simple yet fancy, that is what the Arwen | Ceiling Mounted Light is



The Freda | Ceiling Mounted Light gives a warm and cozy vibe to your interior


Wall Lamps 

One thing’s for sure, there is always a wall lamp that will make any space beautiful! Wall lamps are used as a visual accent in any room. They can also be task lights which creates more visual space to your tables and rooms. They fit perfectly in any space; big or small, wide or narrow, low or high.


The Bo | Nordic Wall Sconce White gives a modern look to your space.



Enchanting is the right word to describe this lighting. Ulla | Gold Frost Wall Sconce will brighten up any interior, just like in this bathroom!


Table Lamps

Table lamps are used to complement the decors of small spaces. This type of lighting is commonly used to provide just the right amount of light so as not to overwhelm the area. Table lamps are often seen on top of bedroom side tables, living room console tables and study/work tables.


Increase your productivity with Ovideo Gold | Glass Ball Table Lamp. Keep motivated.



Classic and sophisticated, that is what the Aaren White | Gold x Marble Table Lamp is


Floor Lamps

The best part about floor lamps? They are moveable! You can use this type of light to wherever you need it. With a lot of different styles, heights and designs you can always find the floor lamp right for your space. Floor lamps are often found in living rooms and bedrooms; they are perfect beside 1-seater sofas to help you with your reading.



Feel the warm ambience given by the Hans | Gold Modern Floor Lamp



Callen | Retro Floor Lamp is more than just a lamp - it makes every space picture-perfect!


With new items, Home Cartel offers a wide range of selection of lights that are curated just for you.


Check out homecartel.net variety of lights - ready for whatever you need them!


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