Modern Day Lighting: LED Lights

A Practical Guide to LED Lighting 

The use of LED lighting solutions is expanding in this generation. More LED goods and alternatives are currently on the market than ever before for conventional incandescent and energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  

While some LED products may simply resemble any other light bulb or fluorescent tube, switching to LED lighting can be quite difficult due to the wide range of products, new terminology created by the lighting industry, and the fact that LEDs use a different technology than what we have been accustomed to for decades. 

This article will explain the “must-knows" that homeowners, designers, or architects should be aware of when buying LED products.

They are not only far more energy-efficient than alternatives allowing for huge energy savings, but they also have a much longer lifespan, don't contain mercury, and offer a lot more options for brightness and warmth.  


Lia | Ceiling Mounted Light


Additionally, LEDs are available in shapes other than the classic light bulb. Due to their small size and variety of shapes, sizes, and uses, LED lighting options allow for a virtually limitless number of applications in the house. 

Trandal | Ceiling Mounted Light

The good news is that it is not essential to rewire a house to use LEDs, even though the majority of LED lighting fixtures are classified low-voltage, which means they either have a transformer built in or require an external transformer. All of the typical wiring used in homes is suitable for use with LEDs.  

However, any project that needs electrical connections to line voltage is still advised to be carried out by a certified electrician.  

Lastly, although there are numerous LED products available, not all of them are made the same way. Look for the certification or any lavel on the product or packaging to confirm that it has been tested by an impartial laboratory and is safe for use.

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