Lighting Series: Pendant Lights

The three Fs of pendant lights


            Pendant lights are now must-have items in every interior. Not only that they provide ample lighting to certain spaces, but they also give a unique and extraordinary aesthetic. With the generation progressing, this also entails progress to the form, fashion, and function of pendant lights.



            The form of this type of fixture started with rustic design and an exposed bulb. Vintage as it may look, but don’t underestimate the power this fixture yields – it can bring dimension to your space and highlight any corner. This form also accentuates the raw and refined look of industrial interiors.


Margiela | Pendant Light

You don't have to spend a lot to get high-end designs and items. Proof? Margiela. That white metal housing. The copper cage. This is the vintage style in its luxurious form.


             Another notable form of pendant lights is what we like to call the “unconventional”, because of the unique silhouette of this fixture. These fixtures have always possessed a one-of-a-kind form that makes any space extraordinary. So, if you want to go the extra mile for the look of your space, this form is for you!


Eva | Pendant Light

Our personal favorite in our pendant light collection, Eva. It comes in 3 different colors that will fit your interior. This state-of-the-art fixture with geometric display offers an adjustable metal housing that you can modify to satisfy your visual and style needs. Its majestic display is perfect above dining tables. 


             Geometric and linear forms of pendant lights are probably the most famous of all and the go to fixtures of almost all interior designers and architects. The very reason is that it compliments any type and design of space. It seems like it is imbued with a spell that it magically blends well to any interior: may it be minimalist, modern, retro, or Scandinavian! It’s classy, elegant, unique, and refreshing – qualities that most of the designers look for in pendant lights.


Lin | Pendant Light

Iron, acrylic, and LED? Lin is in the top tier of modern lighting. This fixture lets you mix and match different home items and furniture until you've found the perfect combination.



            When we talk about fashion, we mean style. And one style that we personally love is Minimalist. This style is known for its chic, simple, and sophisticated look which creates huge impact and a subtle change to your space.


Halden | Wooden Pendant Light

Are you a fan of the traditional materials used for crafting, such as wood? Get that feels with Halden. With a wooden finish and a metal accent, this fixture creates a raw and authentic aesthetic to your space - making it modern and traditional at the same time. Get that mixture vibe of contemporary and conventional craft with the Halden.


            It’s 2022 for no reason! That’s why a modern home deserves a modern fixture. Modern pendant lights are always in every interior designer’s arsenal. Unique, extraordinary, and refreshing are just few qualities that most people love about this fixture.


Emani | Modern Pendant Light

Everyone is fascinated on how leather makes a significant impact on someone's look. But leather is not anymore something you wear, it is also something that will make your space look extra gorgeous! Emani features a choice between clear or smokey glass that is paired with black or brown leather strap. This fine combination guarantees you an one of a kind interior!


            If there is modern, there is also retro! A perfect symphony of strong appearance and soft elegance – this type of fixture gives any space a dreamy glow and an enchanting atmosphere.




             Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is meant to create a consistent light level across a space, irrespective of any particular lighting that may be required in certain regions of a room. It provides overall illumination for a room. In most household settings, ambient lighting illuminates a place when a person enters it and turns on a switch. There are many different types of ambient lighting, such as wall sconces, floor lamp torchieres, ceiling-mounted or recessed lights that shine light downward, cove, soffit, and valance lighting that reflects light off walls and ceilings.


El Nido | Pendant Light


            Task lighting, which is focused on a single region of the space, is meant to illuminate a particular activity. Task lighting is necessary in sections of the home such as the kitchen countertops where food will be made, the seating areas in the living room where reading will be done, and the desk surfaces in the home office where paperwork will be completed. Task lighting for a countertop is provided in a kitchen by under-cabinet lighting; for reading purposes, task lighting in a living room is sometimes provided by a table lamp.


Elina | Pendant Light 


            Accent lighting, also known as spotlighting, draws emphasis to a specific item, such as artwork, a sculpture, a plant, or a set of bookcases. Accent lighting is frequently used outside to call attention to a particular portion of the environment or to showcase a lovely tree, plant, or water feature. Accent lighting is frequently utilized with recessed or track lighting. These types of lighting include adjustable fittings that enable light to be focused accurately, even on little objects.

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