How Dimmer Switches Work


The What and How of Dimmer Switches


Have you ever questioned how a dimmer switch operates? This switch is frequently connected to the light fixtures in modern dwellings. You may alter the mood of the space by adjusting the brightness of the lights with the dimmer switch. By using only the amount of power you actually need, you can also reduce your energy costs.


Also, your fixtures' lifespan will be extended. A simple step-by-step approach makes installing a dimmer switch simple and straightforward. But if you're curious about how a light dimmer operates, we have the answers. Read on for some in-depth and fascinating information.


Simply put, a dimmer switch adjusts the brightness of the electric lights in your house or place of business. These gadgets improve your security systems in addition to lowering your electricity costs. Modern dimmers work with smartphone applications so you may adjust the brightness of the lights from a distance.


You must first comprehend how your power systems function in order to comprehend how a dimmer switch functions. Alternating current, which runs first in one direction and then the other, is the primary source of power for your home.


The power wires and the current move at a speed of 50 to 60 cycles per second through two alternate paths. The speed at which these so-called Hertz cycles operate depends on the country's electricity infrastructure. The current or waveform looks like a stretched "S" lying horizontally when you look at it closely.


The "Zero" point, also known as the crossing point, is the precise location where the power S waveform reverses direction. This is the precise location where the current briefly pauses. At this stage, your dimmer switch controls the power current to turn it on and off.


You won't ever notice any flickering because the whole process operates so quickly and without any hiccups. The dimmer quickly turns the light on and off each time the sine wave, power cycle, or half phase is crossed.


A hundred to 120 times per second are completed by the entire process. The waveform is essentially divided into portions by the dimmer, as seen in the image below. The time between the on and off actions controls how bright the room is.

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