Where To Place Floor Lamps

Your guide to floor lamp placement


One of the greatest lighting options for living rooms is a floor lamp because they look good, don't take up any space on end tables, and can be placed wherever that may use a little extra illumination.


In actuality, floor lights are among the most useful decor accessories for any space.


You can find it difficult to choose the best location in your living room because there are so many possible locations. For the ideal placement, try one of these several suggestions.


Empty Corner


Floor lamps are excellent for illuminating any vacant area, especially corners of living rooms. For instance, in this room, the left corner could accommodate a huge work of art, while the right corner was inaccessible. It evens things out by adding a floor lamp to the left.


A floor lamp is a sensible way to spruce up a space in your living room that feels awkward or empty.


Each Side Of Sofa


Put a floor light on each end of your sofa for a neat appearance in your living area. This strikes a wonderful balance, especially if you have end tables that coordinate.


To provide contrast, place a metallic floor lamp like the one seen up against a dark wall. The outcome has a highly contemporary appearance.


Next to Sofa


One of the most typical arrangements is to place a floor lamp next to the sofa. It always appears good, which is one of the reasons why.


Get a high-quality light if you just want to utilize one next to your sofa. This lamp's wood base gives it a luxurious appearance and adds another texture element to the interior decor of the space.


Between Accent Chairs


If you have a small living space, a floor lamp that doubles as a table light is your best option. Place a light similar to this one between your accent seats. It might include built-in shelving or tables.


If your room only has one chair, you may alternatively put this in the corner between your sofa and chair. Plants can be used to decorate the shelves or as places to set your morning cup of coffee.

Together With Plants


It's crucial to use plants of various heights when arranging plants in your living area. But you don't have to stop with plants; for increased height, you may also include a floor lamp in your design.


Any vacant space looks wonderful with a plant and lamp combination. You must make sure your plants can still get natural light, though.


End Of Table


The ideal location for a lamp/table combination is between two chairs. As a result, visitors have a comfortable spot to relax with their drinks or books and quick access to lighting.


Another excellent location for this lamp is on either side of the sofa or next to your preferred reading chair.


Against An Empty Wall


Walls that are empty in otherwise furnished living rooms seem off. Fortunately, a floor light may fill that gap while also providing flair and practicality.


A floor lamp with fringe like this one is a charming way to soften and fill an empty spot in your living room. But, any floor lamp will work for this trick.


Behind a Sofa


If there isn't enough room next to your sofa for a floor lamp, consider adding one behind it. Depending on the available area, a variety of floor lamps can be used behind the couch.


If your room is spacious, think about a lamp with a wide base and a sizable shade. You'll need a smaller foundation if your couch is up against a wall. A lamp with an arched shape can also be added and placed over one of the sofa's sides.


Beside a Reading Chair


Not every floor light is exceptionally tall. Place it next to your reading chair if you're searching for something more compact.


A little ornamental lamp like this one can add atmosphere at night and provide just enough illumination for you to relax with a book.


Opposite an Indoor Tree


A tree on one side and a lamp of a comparable height on the other is another option to balance the heights in your living area. You can carry out this action on each side of your sofa or a set of chairs.


The combination of materials gives your room texture and intrigue, and the two items coordinate because of their similar heights.



The pinnacle of useful home decor is a floor light. They not only offer the essential light to a space, but they also make the space appear nice.


There are numerous types of floor lamps, and there are almost as many locations where they might be used. In a living room, the most typical locations for floor lamps are next to a couch or chair, behind a couch, and in an open space. Yet, you can utilize one wherever additional lighting or room filler is required.

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