Decorative Lighting – How Much Does It Cost For A Home?


Decorative Lighting Need Not Be Expensive!


Your living space can be completely changed by adding new decorative lighting, and the appropriate fixtures may even raise the value of your home. But, before asking a contractor for a price, it's generally helpful to have an idea of how much to budget for installing light fixtures.


How Do Electricians Determine the Cost to Install a Decorative Lighting Fixture?


As most electricians bill per light, it is simple to calculate the price of installing several lights by simply multiplying the quoted sum. On the other hand, some electricians bill by the hour.


The cost to install decorative lighting fixtures varies greatly based on the sort of lighting you want and where you want them. The labor costs for installing some lighting fixtures, including track lighting and chandeliers, are higher since they require a lot more time.


Moreover, be prepared to pay more if you decide to install new fixtures as opposed to merely replace outdated ones because your electrician will have to modify the wiring in your home and drill a hole in the wall or ceiling.


Thankfully, Home Cartel offers free installation of the decorative lighting fixture you ordered from them! You don’t have to worry hiring electricians to do the installation. You’ll save great amount of money, which you can use for other items to decorate and improve your space!


With this in mind you can increase your budget for the lighting fixture! Home Cartel offers you a wide array of selection of decorative lighting suitable for your budget – from Php 795.00 to Php 133, 995.00!

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