Best Pendant Lights To Buy Online

An interior designer’s guide to choose the perfect fixture

        Pendant lighting plays a crucial role in giving any space a great finish. Whether its your bedroom, living room, or dining room, there is always a pendant light that will match your interior.  This type of fixture is suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod. Often times, it can be seen harnessed in many different ways to maximize space or intensify style— in clusters, hung in a decorative series, or as a stand-alone light fixture that serves as the focal point of a space. It’s clean and minimalist, and most of the time more affordable than chandeliers, pendant lighting has become a staple in every interior designer’s arsenal.


         It is fun to select the perfect pendant light because you get to see variations of designs, shapes and colors. As well as you can experiment the look of your space! However, the selection process can also be tough, as it requires time, effort, and most importantly patience. There are a lot to be considered in choosing the right fixture that’s why it is imperative to think beyond aesthetics.


         But you don’t have to worry anymore! You need not to undergo the excruciating process of selecting the perfect fixture for your space. Our licensed interior designer, Pamela Tan-Choa, is here to help you choose the best pendant lighting for your interior! She had gathered the bests items for each of our collection.



         Whimsical, fun and unique: that is how we always describe our Avant-Garde collection. Items under this collection display a creative and one of a kind structure and silhouette – an art. It gives a feeling that the items were made by Picasso, van Gogh, Michelangelo, or da Vinci. Perfect for every creative junkie who wants nothing less for his/her space.

         Loc Maine pops out in any interior. Often used as an ambient lighting, this matte black with golden finish exudes a breathtaking elegance that homeowners loved. So if you want to give statement and sophistication to your space, Loc Maine is definitely the one and only choice.


         Blomst is also used as an ambient lighting, as it provides a comfortable level of overall visibility to a space. You can install pendant lighting in your bedroom, living room, or dining area to give it an elegant look and set a cozy atmosphere.


         Valhalla is styled differently from Loc Maine and Bloomst. You can maximize the beauty of this pendant light if hung in a series and assembled in different levels. The eccentric silhouette of this fixture will add artistry and lavishness to your space.



         Novigrad is styled like Valhalla. In order to appreciate this fixture, multiple pieces must be used. You can even experiment on the colors as it is available in different variations!



         A play in shapes and structures, that is what our Geometric collection offers. These fashionable lights are amazing items to accentuate the hidden beauty of your space. Moreover, its minimalist look elevates a dull space giving it a more interesting look.


         Elsa Trois is giving you 3 shapes in one. More than its silhouette, what our customers love about this pendant lighting is its adjustability – it fits in any interior! Furthermore, the brass metal feature is also an exceptional quality of Elsa as it makes a subtle but striking statement in any interior.


         Speaking of variations, Veda sits at the pinnacle of pendants. This lighting fixture comes in three different forms - Veda En, Veda Tu, and Veda Tre. With its 3 designs, you can always choose the right piece for your space.


         Arden is a modern take of a geometric fixture. The flexibility of this pendant is what makes it stand out from the rest. You can use it as an ambient or accent lighting, or hang it singularly or by set! Possibilities are always endless with this lighting fixture.



         Boho interiors are making a great impression on a lot of people. That's why many are trying to achieve this style. We can’t blame them because it’s both playful and subtle. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds!


         Belize is ideal to be installed in the dining room and living room to give it a natural and earthy look. With the woody texture and raw appearance of this pendant lighting, achieving a boho interior is a piece of cake.


         Sanur is a mixture of rattan and fabric in a contrasting white and black color. The idea of this fixture is to give an interior a traditional look while maintaining its elegance and sophistication.



         Everybody wants to have a luxurious interior. A 5-star quality of living within the corners of your home – that’s Luxxe Classic collection. You need not to book expensive hotels just to experience luxury because these pendants are enough to make your space look like one.


          Olga provides good ambient lighting to your room and also serves as an ornament that boosts the overall beauty of your interior. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive!


         Olven is the epitome of minimalism and functionality! It’s simple, clean, and metallic hue are ideal for your dining room, kitchen island, and home office. Luxury doesn’t have to be extravagant!                 



RETRO CHIC        

         Vintage is making a comeback this 21st century! Retro chic collection is all about reliving the past while embracing the present. This is the reason why the pendant lightings from this collections can adapt to this contemporary age. We have given gold, copper, frosted glass, marbles, and concrete(materials that already stood the test of time) a modern twist!


         A burst of colors and beauty - that is Calytrix! This retro pendant light was created to give dynamics and life to your space! So if you have a vintage interior, this is perfect in your bedrooms and living room!


        Roslin is what you get when retro meets minimalist style and metallic finish. This is a slick addition to your home – wherever you hang it. Plus, it will also give your space additional elegance!



         Tilda was crafted to perfection - the metal casing reflects light off the frosted glass sphere, giving radiance to every corner of the room. Honestly, this one is a favorite!




         This one is for all the women and the women at heart out there. Our Femme collection manifests the strength of a woman and subtlety of a girl. This is the reason why pendant lightings in this collection are both bold and refined!


         Just like butterflies, Luvivane will transform your space! It creates an eye-catching and graceful changes to the corners of your interior. With its gold accent and glass material, your home will achieve the metamorphosis it needs!


         Merida is captivating like the moon. This fixture is ready to give your space an enchanting glow wherever you place it. This pendant light's frosted glass with a gold accent exudes magic that transforms your basic interior into a dazzling space.



        The captivating beauty of Tio made it a must-have in every interior. With its frosted sphere sitting on a brass ring, this pendant light is the ideal choice for brightening your space with the right amount of elegance and sophistication. 



         Our Linear collection goes a step further as it strives for the most minimal minimalism. As the name suggest, the silhouette of the pendant lightings of this group is clean and simple lines. Despite its simplicity, these fixtures will never be overshadowed nor overwhelmed by the different items of your space.



         Ari is here to help you hit your goal – to have a lovely and nice interior! The slender silhouette and gold metal finish of this fixture casts a sophisticated glow to your interior. Adding Ari to your space accentuate the hidden beauty of your space.



         Redania is often displayed in three, this brass metal and frosted glass pendant light gives an undeniable huge impact on your interior. The layered abstract display of this pendant amps up a room and demands attention from anyone who witnesses its beauty.



        Lin is in the top tier of minimalist lighting. This fixture lets you mix and match different home items and furniture until you've found the perfect combination. 


Pro Tip: "When hanging two or more pendants over a counter or table, space them so that eash one's pool of light overlaps with its neighbor to prevent any dim spots." —Steven L. Klein, Lighting Designer, Milwaukee



         Being an ornament is one purpose, and the other? Pendant lightings from our Natural Collection aims to highlight the overall look of your space. It is indeed perfect for making everything in your interior completely balanced.



         Capella is something that you should definitely choose. The perfect combination of light and gold/silver art can easily light up any table and space. The excellent match can make everyone feel its beauty, and it is definitely worth what you deserve to have.


         Anwend  is an iron art in gold plating suspended from slim, graceful rods. It is hand-polished to an ultra-fine finish, and the iron arts of this fixture give light an intriguing radiance. The eye-catching craftsmanship of Anwend will fit impressively above a dining table, bed, entryway or grand staircase.   



         Fine, fresh, and fierce – words that you usually associate with a Scandinavian interior. This particular style draws its beauty from its simplicity and functionality. These characteristics are embodied to every fixture of this collection, especially our pendant lightings.


         Sven’s matte black pendant light is the epitome of minimalism and functionality. Its simple, clean, and black hue are ideal for your dining room, kitchen island, living room, and home office. It is recommended to be hung in series to truly appreciate its charm. Nonetheless, it’s still perfect even used in one piece.


         Glass and gold never go out of style! The timeless beauty of this combination will always stood the test of time. Belle's glass shade attached to a golden base creates a magnificent display of opulence and finesse. You can never go wrong with this pendant lighting.


         We're sure you're going to love Oswin. This black dome fixture suits your style. Display it in your dining room or kitchen island, and get ready to have an astonishing industrial-inspired interior.



          Industrial interior design is raw, refined, and provides a casual atmosphere that's relaxing to live in. Used in loft apartments, modern homes, and commercial spaces around the world, industrial design showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects, wood and metal surfaces. We made sure that our Industrial collection exhibits those qualities to complement your industrial interior.


          Hermes is a must-have in your industrial interior. With LED attached to a leather, it epitomizes the quality of industrial design - raw, minimalist and classy. You'll never go wrong with this piece!                                                                    


         Halden has a wooden finish and a metal accent. This fixture creates a raw and authentic aesthetic to your space - making it modern and industrial at the same time. The mixed vibes of raw and refined create a relaxing ambience for you and your family. Achieve that style with this pendant lighting.


These pendant lights are nothing but the best. Interior Designer Pamela Tan-Choa made sure that all these items will give your space the transformation it needs. Choosing the right item is not only about what looks good because there are a lot of technicalities to be considered such as measurements, materials, power source, etc. These factors need to complement each other, if not, then it defeats the very purpose of a pendant light – to provide lighting.


In the end, there’s no secret formula in having the best pendant lighting. All you need is you need is time, patience and a pool of imagination.





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