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         We live in a world where chandeliers seems to have dominated the game. Almost every household in urbanized areas own this fixture, whether in their living rooms, bedrooms, or dining area. Chandeliers have indeed been an interior staple to these particular group. No doubt that these fixtures bring elegance and substance to a space.

         However, chandeliers are not the only lighting fixture that can give the same effects. Lamps are already making its way to the spotlight. Lamps give symmetry, color, contrast, texture and of course illumination to any room especially bedroom. We consider bedrooms as our sanctuary - a place of comfort, peace, and tranquility. This is one of the reasons why most of bedrooms use white tones, more particularly white lamps. White lamps are a great way to highlight structure and aesthetic of your bedroom. The provide ample lighting and serves as an ornament.

         Home Cartel is here to provide you the 10 best white lamps for bedrooms. So if you are thinking of a room upgrade or an interior renovation, then you are in the right page! In this article we will be giving you great choices of lighting for your space.

 Asgeir | Scandinavian Table Lamp 

         Let’s start with an all-white lamp. Asgeir table lamp will surely add a contemporary touch to your bedroom with its sleek form and metal finish. It features a sturdy cylindrical metallic base in a white tone that goes with any decor. A pristine white lamp for bedroom that matches a smooth and relaxing space. Additionally, a 4W bulb's brightness is tempered by it to provide enduring warmth and illumination anytime you need it.


         Pro tip: Determine first the location of the table lamp and mark the precise height at which it will be positioned as well as the distance from the bed, couch, or comfortable chair next to it.


          Norell | Glass Sphere Marble Table Lamp

         If you are looking for a unique type of lamp, then take a look at Norell and be amazed by its creative design. It comes with 2 glass spheres and a marble base. You can place this unique white lamp in your in a table in your bedroom. This lamp was created to draw attention in a space by combining contemporary finishes, an interesting shape, and an appealing texture. The light's handle makes it easy to move the lamp around because you can carry it with one hand. You may adjust the mood lighting as necessary because the etched white glass shade softens the light and projects an even amount of illumination. This item will be one of the most talked-about ones in your house because of its distinctive shape, which is unlike anything you can find on the market.

Pro Tip: In many circumstances, the lamp's body makes a significant difference and defines it; a variety can perfectly match the distinctive and exceptional style of your home. However, the majority of the time, the lamp shade decides the lamp's overall appeal. An alternative strategy is to introduce an entirely distinct look with the table lamp, creating a brilliant center of attention for the space.


Gudrunne | Modern Glass Table Lamp

         Capturing attention in a way other fixtures can’t, Gudrunne makes a statement in any interior design. Fitting in a variety of design aesthetics from modern farmhouse to coastal and more, it showcases a unique silhouette and metallic outlines for a touch of traditional style. By using this striking white lamp to illuminate your bedroom, you can add a touch of global design to your home. With a modern wooden writing desk and a clean-lined leather recliner, it stands out because to its unusual cutout metal shade. Once you've added an incandescent light to your office, complete the atmosphere by placing trip mementos on display and hanging an old map on a neighboring wall. Despite the fact that you'll adore your refurbished home, this stunning light might motivate you to put your to-do list on hold and start crossing things off your bucket list.


 Hanzel | Modern Table Lamp

         This white lamp is contemporary and moody, and it desires a spot in your bedroom. This understated beauty adds warmth to your environment with its sleek, cone-shaped swivel shade and clean-lined, linear base. This task lamp isn't just for your home office or studio; it would also make a lovely bedside lamp so you can finish your last few chapters before you drift off to sleep.


Pro Tip: In most modern houses, a neutral background devoid of vibrant color is nearly the standard, and with neutrals like gray continuing to be popular in 2016. Table lamps allow you the chance to add a color punch.

 Carrara | Marble Table Lamp

          Our next white lamp for your bedroom is Carrara. With the Carrara table lamp's marble base and gold metallic accent, you can illuminate your room while also adding traditional décor. This ornamental lamp adds a modern, sophisticated makeover to any environment with its marble and brass style. The lamp's white, spherical shade warms the light and diffuses it to create a cozy glow in your living room, den, or bedroom. Versanora Claire Table Lamp's marble base and white sphere shade, along with its lightweight design that makes it portable for when you need to rearrange your space, and its tiny 18cm x 20cm size, allow you to add a chic light source to practically any room in your house.

 Ran | Frosted Sphere Table Lamp 

         Set the table, light up the chimney, grab your favorite book with your favorite coffee - the night is about to be exciting and relaxing for you with Ran. This sphere-shaped white table lamp emanates a relaxing and calm vibe as it resonates with the beauty of the moon. Perfect for your desk or table. Get your break time started with this lamp.

 Pro Tip: Do not let the style and pattern of the shade be your only attracting factors; also take into account the ergonomics and shade's proportions to the lamp's body. The size of the lamp shade is another consideration that must be made while looking for a table lamp.

 Aaren | Gold x Marble Base Table Lamp

         Isn't it nice to place your favorite photo, alarm clock, and a table lamp on your bedside table? Especially if it is with Aaren. This white lamp comes with gold metal and a marble base to bring elegance and class to your bedroom. Thanks to satin nickel-plated embellishments and an off-white linen drum lamp shade, a white marble lamp base offers the ideal amount of antiquity without appearing dated. This natural stone lamp is an elegant complement to opulent interior spaces thanks to the soft gray veining that runs throughout the base. Bedrooms have never been this better with Aaren.

Pro Tip: The majority of table lamps have easy-to-change shades, and while some may have spider fittings, others might have uno fittings or clip-ons. DO look into this before considering changing the lampshade. Modern table lamp bulbs have advanced much from the CFLs of the past, and LED lighting is the favored option because it also lowers energy costs. However, not all table lamps offer this switch between, so before you buy, pay attention to the little details (such maximum wattage).


 Aron | Scandinavian Marble Base Table Lamp 

         Feel relaxed with Aron. With its minimalist frosted glass and marble base - this white table lamp is perfect in your bedroom along with your books and favorite photos. This table lamp, which draws inspiration from mid-century modern design, will give your look a little vintage flair. White marble was used to create the cylinder base, which goes well with the frosted glass. Give elegance and opulence to your space with this table lamp.


Pro Tip: The table lamp you select must not only complement the interior design of the space but also add to the various layers of illumination that already exist. This could be practical lighting, accent lighting that draws attention to certain architectural details or works of art, or recessed lights that create a general ambiance.


 Valhalla | Modern LED Table Lamp


Next on our list of 10 best white lamps for bedroom is Valhalla. The eccentric silhouette of this fixture adds artistry and lavishness to your space. A special design that incorporates the power cord as a decorative element by making it as an accent. Ideal for workspace desks in offices, and especially bedrooms. Additionally fantastic in living spaces as accent lighting. Crafted from brass plate iron and clear acrylic, this piece will surely catch everybody's attention. 

Interior Design Trivia: A clinical ambience is produced by bright white lights that reflect off of the walls. Any room feels a little cozier with warm white lighting. A room feels more festive when there are colorful lights that blink on and off. We can use light to modify any place and evoke a very particular emotion with comparatively little effort.

 Steffon | Modern Table Lamp with Marble Base

         We love accent lights for their ability to create an eye-catching style on different spaces, but rather than deal with the hassle of mix and matching different fixtures, try this white lamp that is perfect for your bedroom. A great option for lending any space a vintage-inspired touch, this product line is inspired by industrial design with metal dome shades attached to a single mount. Plus, it is integrated with the right bulb to bathe your space with a warm glow.  


         Lamps are indeed a great to spice up your bedroom. With the choices we gave, you can now say goodbye to your boring and dull space! Contact us now so we can start the transformation of your sanctuary!




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