This creative, light-hearted, and empowered interior designer is like everyone else - she loves KDramas and she can’t live without her pets! She’s always surrounded by her furbabies! And if you haven’t met someone who watches Running Man everyday, then you need to meet Hanna. She watches it every day so she can get her daily dose of happiness & motivation before she works. She believes that interior design is heavily connected with nature and history, and that’s the reason why she is inspired by those two concepts.

Her dream of becoming an Interior Designer started when her curiosity was piqued while playing her favorite game - The Sims.  It started off as a simple interest in a game until she started observing the places she goes to and saw how design can affect people and their experiences. She got curious as to how psychology plays a huge factor in interior design. With that, she decided to give the field a shot. And now, she has no regrets about pursuing the profession.

We asked her about her favorite Home Cartel experience, she replied “My favorite experience would always be the showroom visits! I enjoy and appreciate Home Cartel’s assistance whenever we need it. I also love how I never got any headaches from their team during deliveries – they’ll make sure they’re on time.”

Hanna loves the works of Tadao Ando. Given his philosophy which revolves around the environment and simplicity, she takes inspiration from his words and work. This greatly influences her personal style in interior design - bright and airy. She loves making spaces look fresh and clean and taking advantage of the natural light! Here are some of here works:

The Brutalist Haven (Photos by Hilary Buenaflor Photography)
San Fernando, Pampanga | 2-Storey Private Residence
250 SQM
Brutalist Interior
Shadow Playground (Photos by OLA Interior Photography)
Amaia Skies, Shaw | 1-BR Condo Unit
25 SQM
Japanese Scandinavian Interior
Convo Coffee House (Photos by Ryan Bermase)
Convo Coffee House, Greenheights Village, Paranaque | Coffee Shop
45 SQM
Modern Industrial Interior


The Mellow Dwelling (Photos by Ryan Bermase)
The Florence, McKinley Hill | 2-BR Condo Unit
75 SQM
Japanese Scandinavian Interior


Soft Sunrise (Photos by Hilary Buenaflor Photography)
Avida Sola, Quezon City | 3-BR Condo Unit
60 SQM
Japanese Scandinavian Interior


Here's her advice to all aspiring interior designer and architect, "Take time connecting with your client. I believe that in order for a design to work, there should be a deeper sense of understanding when it comes to assessing what your client really needs. It’s more than writing down their basic requirements for the space – it’s when you go the extra mile to listen to their future plans, connect with their passion, and observe their lifestyle that help you work on a design that’s suitable for them. Building trust and friendships along the way give purpose to our profession and help us improve as designers and as humans as well.”


For interested clients, you can reach her at:

Website: www.hannachua.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/habitatcurator

Instagram: @habitatcurator

E-mail: idr.hannachua@gmail.com

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