Christine Manalo Villamora, CMV Interior Designs: Designer of the Month


“The sexiest thing about a woman is confidence, but confidence in a humble way.”

-Victoria Beckham


Indeed, confidence and humility are the greatest attributes a woman can have – that’s exactly what Christine Manalo Villamora possesses! Her confidence brought her to success and her humility makes her loved by all the people she encounters. This hardworking, team player, and target driven woman is the  interior designer behind the CMV Interior Designs. 




How would you describe your design style? Do you have a signature touch with your designs?


Her works are mostly contemporary chic and modern organic which are some of the design styles that reflects harmony and relaxation. One thing is for sure, you won't be expecting a dark, gloomy look with her. 


When did you realize you wanted to be an Interior Designer? What initially sparked your passion for style and design?


Her love for fashion sparked her passion for interior design and the reason why she pursued this field. In earlier days, Christine used to browse Vogue magazines and other fashion magazines, exploring fabric and color combinations. She always believed that to be involved in art and interior design is a combination of both worlds, and solving complicated things while creativity is involved. Christine wanted to take up architecture during college, but seeing the onsite work and raw environment, she realized it was not her thing. Her father then advised her to take interior design which made her realized that she wanted to pursue what she started in interior design. 


That was the time that she made a promise that interior design will be her lifelong passion. She persevered in her studies and when she passed the board exam, that's when her love for the profession solidified.


For 10 years, she have shown commitment, pushed her limits, and ultimately, succeeded in growing her company and making it one of the most trusted design firms in the country. Like any other stories, success is not success without facing any struggles, however, Christine always overcame these adversities. She makes sure that she is always inspired in order to face any problem and to create beautiful and meaningful designs.


How do you get inspired? And which person, place, or thing—inside the industry or-out inspires you?


Traveling and watching fashion shows inspire her the most, this is why she always looked up to various fashion designers and fashion brands like Michael Cinco, Balmain, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, and more. Although it’s an outfit inspiration, she applies it to her latest designs by harnessing fashion designs, techniques, textile combinations, and color combinations. 


When asked about how she overcome creative block, she replied: 


“Taking a trip to memory lane, more specifically, nature tripping, camping, or road trips if super urgent, I watch fashion shows on YouTube with upbeat music and style. A sense of wandering around the environment creates thoughts that eventually form different concepts that develop through the creative process.”


Some of her works:

Kensington Place, BGC (Modern Luxe)


Amore at Portifino,(Modern Luxe)


Portofino Heights, Alabang (Modern Luxe)


The Orchard Townhomes , Dasma Cavite. (Modern Tropical)


What's the best part of your job and worst part of your job


Her passion for interior design is undeniably strong that why she hates encounters with contractors, clients, and suppliers that belittles the interior design profession to the point that they do not trust designers. When scenarios like this happened, she approaches it positively by educating them on the importance of hiring an interior designer in planning the space and design management. Despite this kind of encounters, what she loves the best about the profession is making every client feel that they are relaxed in their own home, spa resort, and also commercial projects that are successfully conceptualized and designed their dream spaces. She aims to reach her goals of achieving customer experience and first impressions by showcasing her services with a space that elevates and encourages the public.


Here is her advice to all aspiring interior designers, “Interior design in the Philippines is still growing; it is a design process developed by various educators. We must always be open-minded in exploring new techniques; we all do not know everything yet, so we must adapt to being sponges by absorbing innovative works by the modern society that wishes to contribute to the design industry. There’s no room for competing with each other but to help and grow, and together we can move forward.”


For interested clients, please feel free to reach her out for any queries at the following touch points:


FB Page : CMV Interior Designs

IG : @cmvinteriordesigns

Youtube Channel :

Landline: (02) 8513-5260 / (02) 7003 7540

Viber/Whats app : 0927 570 5357


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