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To ensure quality service, please read our Delivery and Installation guidelines: 

  • Free Delivery: Orders Php10,000 and above* (within Metro Manila only)
  • Free Installation: Orders Php10,000 and above* (within Central Metro Manila only) Installation should be done on the same day of Delivery.
  • Regular Installation Fee - Php 900.00/pc*

*Installations are applicable to lighting fixtures only.

Added notes on Delivery & Installation:

  • The customer shall be responsible to ensure that either he/she personally or a valid representative will receive the products and approve of its condition before the delivery team leaves. Damaged products should be pointed out to the delivery team upon delivery so a replacement may be scheduled.
  • The customer should apply for all necessary gate passes, working and other permits needed for the delivery day.
  • If the customer is not available to receive the delivery at the agreed day, new delivery will be scheduled with a corresponding delivery fee.
  • Kindly check the condition of goods before signing receipt before the delivery team leaves as warranties are not indulged in our offers.
  • For installation, the customer shall be responsible in ensuring that the ceiling are fit for installations. Gypsum boards without support are not fit for big fixture installation.
  • For installation, the customer should determine beforehand where he/she wants to have the product installed.
  • For un-assembled products, kindly check all parts before signing receipt documents to ensure parts are complete. Should any replacement be necessary, checked boxes may be delivered for replacement, unchecked boxes is subject for replacement in store.
  • Installation works are to be completed upon delivery unless otherwise advised. Should you decide to have these services done at another date, a transportation fee may apply and the service will be subject to rescheduling.
  • Replacement or completion of products picked up should be done in store for pick up also.
  • In case the customer changed his mind, and wants to return the item delivered and not communicated to the store before the date of delivery, transportation fee should be charged to the customer.

1. Identify How Your Chandelier Should be Handled

The type, size, and age of your chandelier will affect the steps you will have to take to care for it. If you have an antique or a crystal chandelier, for example, then you will need to take more precautions than if you have a newer or mass produced chandelier. Check out advice from your chandelier’s manufacturer for tips on how you should care for your chandelier and how often. You can find a lot of useful tips online as well.

2. Dismantle and Clean

It is possible to clean a chandelier with just a dry cloth to avoid risk from the electrical components, but it isn’t as effective and can actually take longer sometimes. A better method is to take your chandelier apart and hand clean it piece by piece. It is a little time consuming but doing it every few months or whenever you have an important event coming up will be enough. suggests every two to six months, depending on the conditions in the room the chandelier is hanging.  Howtocleanstuff has a full tutorial for how to do this. Essentially, you need to:

  • Carefully take the chandelier down.
  • Lay out each individual piece on a blanket.
  • Wash each piece with hot water and a little detergent.
  • Rinse, dry, polish, and then put the chandelier back together again.

Take special care with crystals or other delicate components and be wary of electrical parts. Scheduling time to do this however often your chandelier needs it will keep it looking nice at all times.

3. Dust Weekly

When you are doing your daily or weekly cleaning, it can be easy to forget about your light fixtures which is how dust and grime can build up on them so easily, often without you noticing. Not only does this make it harder when it does come time to give them a thorough cleaning, it can be troublesome for people with asthma or allergies. Instead, don’t forget to run your chandelier over with a duster at least once a week and get as much dust as you are able to. It won’t always be possible to get your chandelier completely clean this way, but it will make things easier when you do your thorough cleaning as described above.

4. Hire a Professional

If dismantling and cleaning your chandelier seems too difficult or too much for you to do alone, consider hiring a professional cleaning company which specializes in chandeliers. Not only will the professional cleaners be able to take apart and reassemble your chandelier safely, they will also be able to give it that extra sparkle. It is a big job so if you don’t have the time or skills, a professional pays for themselves. Check out cleaning companies in your area which can help you and schedule a visit every few months or so.

5. Regular Maintenance

Cleaning is only one aspect of keeping your chandelier looking good. You also need to make sure it is working properly and being held together. Again, you can either pick this up yourself by looking for some online guides or YouTube videos or hire a professional who knows how to maintain chandeliers. If you have an antique or a particularly large chandelier then this will be even more important. There are companies which specialize in restoring antique chandeliers which have lost their shine. Even smaller modern chandeliers will need some maintenance every once in a while to keep them functional. Many companies will be able to clean and fix up your chandelier on the same visit, saving you both time and money. Don’t forget to clean and change the lightbulbs regularly as well.

Taking care of your chandelier can seem like a daunting task at first, but it is well worth it when you see how shiny and nice looking your chandelier will become. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, making regular chandelier cleaning, maintenance, and restoration a part of your cleaning regime along with weekly dusting will ensure your chandelier will always impress and make your home look good.



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