Meet Your Newest Interior Heroine

In the right hands, a simple space could be reconstructed to something sophisticated. Take it from the genius behind Home Cartel, metro’s rising local online lighting store, iDr. Pam Tan – With an outstanding display of expertise on artful platforms, Pam’s latest gig as an interior designer has catapulted from an interest on designing spaces to being the design business prodigy to watch out for.

         Pam Tan’s Interior Design Studio is a full-service interior design specialist offering personalized interior design services and professional project management. Pam has created spaces that compliments lifestyle which eventually led her to putting up a store that mirrors her industrial-modern signature style. We talked with her about Home Cartel and what’s upcoming for her and the brand.

Q: First things first, can you tour us on your educational background and artistic pursuits?
iDr. Pam Tan: I studied Business Management in De La Salle University and Interior Design at Philippine Institute of Interior Design.
Q: What made you chose designing interiors as a career path?
PT: I grew up in our wood-processing factory and it somehow influenced my interest in the aesthetics of home interiors.
Q: I heard you graduated with honors in PIID, do you have any other accolades?
PT: Chismis lang yun ;) We won 1st place for People’s choice, and 2nd place for Faculties choice in our graduation thesis design booth. I was blessed with having a great team that time.

Nouvelle Vie "New Life". An Exhibition on Sustainable Materials: 60% of the booth are made using reclaimed plastics.


On the Story behind Home Cartel:

Q: Being the brains behind local lights store Home Cartel, what’s the story behind it?

PT: Sourcing for the right lighting has always been my challenge when designing.  It’s hard for me to choose a particular light when everything inside a store is all mixed up... like a museum of lights haha! Moreover, the city traffic is getting worse every passing year, thus came the idea to put up a store where we can focus on those areas where traditional lighting stores are lacking.  

Q: Among the many items that make a living space beautifully designed such as furniture or carpets, why did you choose to focus on selling lighting fixtures?

PT: Lighting carries the mood and emotion of the space. One can have the best looking interior space but without proper lighting, it will still look dull. We want to focus on this niche because we believe lighting gives a space its life.

Copper/Rose Gold Collection.

Q: What do you find most challenging on putting up your own store?

PT: The most challenging part had to do everything when we were starting. We had no team back then.

On What Sets Home Cartel Apart:

Q: What makes Home Cartel different from its competitors?

PT: Our main focus apart from selling lighting fixtures is focusing on customer convenience. We always remind everyone in our team that we are not just in the business of selling lighting fixture, but we are also in the service business.

Convenience at your fingertips. Home Cartel offers Free Delivery and Installation.


Q: How do you choose what pieces to sell?

PT: To be honest, we just follow our intuition.


Q: How do you balance functionality and aestheticism?

PT: Good question! We always consider what design catches our attention.

Q:  Where do you get ideas and inspirations in choosing collections?

PT: I always start with a blank slate. Then imagine a mood or aesthetic and decide which items would look good together. It also depends on the current trends and design in the lighting industry. 

Q: Do you have a favorite piece or collection? What piece or collection would you choose to put in your own house?

PT: I’m currently addicted to the Hey Bubbly and Moonlit Dreams collection. They just look dreamy and playful! But my preference changes from time to time, again it depends on the current mood :)


Hey Bubbly Collection.

Moonlit Dreams Collection.


Q: Home Cartel’s brand is very digital. Does social media play an important role in sharing your brand’s story?

PT: Yes and we want to bridge the gap between our customers by trying to be interactive with them as well.


Q: What is your goal for Home Cartel?

PT: We want to be the most customer-centric home furnishing company in the Philippines. Customer convenience is our number 1 priority so our efforts would mostly be centered around that area.


Home Cartel prides itself in quality customer service.


Q: And finally, What’s upcoming for iDr. Pam Tan?

PT: Get ready for more surprises!


Follow iDr. Pam Tan on instagram: @cpamz for exclusive updates.

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